Watch These Kids React To Black Sabbath

They may have retired from the game but their music is still garnering a new audience!

Internet video makers, The Fine Brothers, famous for their Kids React series, took it upon themselves to introduce a bunch of kids to the fine metal tunes of Black Sabbath

Surprisingly, a large portion of these unsuspecting kids knew who Black Sabbath were thanks to their parents, or the Iron Man films. 

But the best moments in this are when each kid is told about Ozzy’s antics over the years. When one child is told about the incident involving a bat, he responds, “I hope he cooked it.” Good stuff. 

Watch them react to the mighty Sabbath below:

While Sabbath retired at the beginning of the year, after 49 years in the business, their music is still reaching new generations to this day. 

Watch them perform War Pigs at their last ever show below:

Posted on November 27th 2017, 2:14pm
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