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Watch A Clip From The New Slipknot Movie

Day Of The Gusano, focusing on the band’s first-ever trip to Mexico and its fans there, releases on September 6.

Slipknot’s concert movie, Day Of The Gusano, is released across 1,000 cinemas worldwide (including 100 in the UK), on September 6. It focuses on the Iowa band’s first-ever performance in Mexico City, in December 2015, and was directed by M.Shawn Crahan, otherwise known to fans as Clown.

Gusano, you see, is Spanish for maggots. Y’see what they did there, huh.

The film features a host of live performances from the show – which was a part of Slipknot’s Knotfest series – alongside stories from their fans. Watch a clip below.

Says Crahan of Day Of The Gusano: “Slipknot still has dreams for itself. Finally playing Mexico was one of them. It’s been a surreal life of rock and roll for Slipknot and the fact that the dreams still go on for us is simply incredible. Thank you.”  

Guitarist Jim Root adds: “We had such a great time at Knotfest Mexico… Not only with all the friends and bands that were there, but with the fans and the crowd we had to document it with. Now we get to share it with the world.”

Future Knotfest events and other Slipknot shows around the world can be kept an eye on at the band’s official website. Find out where Day Of The Gusano is playing near you, here.

Posted on August 29th 2017, 8:08am
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