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Watch Angel Du$t Play A Tiny Dive Bar Show

Angel Du$t unleashed the party live in The K! Pit

Following an epic set of sludge last week from Baroness in the Brooklyn K! Pit, this week we return to London with Baltimore punks Angel Du$t.

Bringing 50 of their closest friends to Blondies in East London, Angel Du$t blasted out a frenzied set, and it didn’t take long for the floor to start moving and bodies to surf around the room and hurtling into each other. Firing through eleven tracks in 25 minutes, it was absolute chaos, and we wouldn’t have The K! Pit any other way.

Here’s the setlist:

Let It Rot
Beat My Brain
Bang My Drum
Want It All
Big One
On My Way
Big Ass Love
Stepping Stone
Toxic Boombox

Posted on June 20th 2019, 7:30pm
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