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Watch Daughters Unleash Pure Chaos Upon A Tiny Dive Bar In The K! Pit

Noise rock savants Daughters turned a tiny Brooklyn dive bar into a temple to all the scariest gods in the latest K! Pit.

After Jesus Piece broke in the American version of our K! Pit series, in which big bands play cramped rooms full of their biggest fans, we thought the show couldn’t get any more chaotic. But then we had noise rock lunatics Daughters take over the back room at The Gutter, our favorite Brooklyn dive bar…and holy fuck, did they find a way.

More like an old-world religious service than a rock concert, the Daughters K! Pit has to be seen to be believed. Between leaping into the crowd, breaking lights, riding the audience members like horses, and smashing the mic into his forehead until he drew blood, frontman Alexis S. F. Marshall spewed dissonant and eldritch lyrics about hope, death, madness, humanity, and what it means to be a creature made of meat in a world that hates you. The result will be beautiful to some and unsettling to others, but exciting and impossible to look away from for everyone.

Watch Daughters give everything they have below:

In our Underground Sounds Of America profile of the band, Alexis said of the band’s new album, You Won’t Get What You Want, “The title is almost a disclaimer. Listeners should leave their expectations at the door and simply experience this record. Genres and labels and so on tend to be an affliction — creating an expectation. One could love this record while despising our earlier work, or vice versa. We entered the creative process without expectations; the listener should do the same when pressing ‘play’.”

The effort to evoke a particular response falls somewhere between foolish and futile,” he added. “Our intention is to challenge ourselves and continue to be as creative as possible. Our work is over, at this point. From here, it’s up to the listener to decide if they would like to continue this journey with us, or go elsewhere.”

For more sweaty, Bacchic insanity, watch the other entries in our K! Pit series:

Posted on April 4th 2019, 8:24pm
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