Elders React Korn

Watch Old People Listen To Korn For The First Time

Korn? Like Corn Flakes?”

YouTube channel FBE have realised another Reacts video, and this time it’s Elders listening to Korn for the first time.

In it, the participants watch some of the Bakersfield quintet’s videos and get a brief lesson in the history of nu-metal.

Some of the comments are great…

That’s awful”

This is very intense”

So violent…”

I don’t mind horror movies, but I can object to… whatever that was”

Oh good gravy!”

It kinda makes your blood pressure go up”

Oh God, I’m getting a headache”

I just don’t like the brutality of it”

I’m exhausted, this group tires me out”

Corn? Like Corn Flakes?”

Check out the video below.

Posted on July 30th 2018, 11:45am
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