Kpit Pagan Full Set

Watch Pagan Play A Tiny Dive Bar Show

Pagan raise some hell inside The K! Pit

After hefty dose of psychedelic rock’n’roll from The Shrine last week, we invited Australian death disco hellraisers Pagan into The K! Pit.

50 of their biggest fans packed into Kerrang!’s favourite London dive bar, Blondies, to watch 30-minutes of heart-stopping, screaming punk’n’roll, all while getting kicked in the head by people constantly jumping off the bar. Well… it is the K! Pit after all. Check it out for yourself below!

Here’s the setlist:

The Greatest Love Songs
Imitate Me
Death Before Disco
Year Of The Dog
Blood Moon

Posted on June 6th 2019, 7:30pm
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Pagan bring the death disco to The K! Pit

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