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Watch Queen Kwong’s Stirring New Video For One Lung

This video was made by women and is about the female body belonging only to itself.”

A stirring new Queen Kwong video, One Lung, has arrived.

The clip was inspired by frontwoman Carré Callaway’s recent experiences of sexual harassment, having been “berated online by a group of men in another Detroit band”.

The music video for One Lung is something really special to me, and I hope you can spend a few minutes to check it out,” says Carré. Some of you are aware of the several months of harassment and body shaming I endured last year – by men in another band. It was a draining experience, but I came out of it appreciating my female friends and peers more than ever before, and I was inspired to team up with other artistic women to create this video. Please read the video’s mission statement by my amazingly talented friend and director, Tammy Sanchez.”

And the video’s mission statement is as follows:

“Throughout much of history, we as women have been told what to do with our bodies, what to think of our bodies, what our bodies are for, what they should look like, who should view them and when, and in what light.

Society and culture send these messages, but more particularly, the ones at the top of the power structures issue these mandates to us. This piece is not about them.

This visual piece is about reclaiming autonomy over our own bodies. This video was made by women and is about the female body belonging only to itself. This piece is not about sex. It is about power. It is about beauty. It is about strength.”

Watch it below.

One Lung is taken from Queen Kwong’s upcoming album, Love Me To Death, which is due out on April 13. Head on over to this link to pre-order the record.

And listen to the album’s title-track, too…

Posted on February 28th 2018, 4:43pm
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