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Watch Sum 41 Unleash Pop-Punk Mayhem On A Small Brooklyn Dive Bar

Sum 41 bring as-of-yet-unmatched insanity to our Brooklyn K! Pit.

Since we brought our K! Pit series to Brooklyn, our favorite local dive bar The Gutter has seen some pretty impressive chaos: Jesus Piece starting a hardcore riot, Daughters’ frontman smashing a light fixture with his mic stand, Baroness invigorating a sweaty audience into paroxysms of joy. But pop-punk partylords Sum 41 took things to another level, playing to an epically-packed gig full of fans ready to celebrate the band’s legacy and rage to their new music.

The dudes didn’t waste a minute, playing a smattering of their fast, insane, metal-oriented 2019 tracks before launching into their much-loved classics. And while this year’s material was fucking phenomenal, it was the one-two-three blast of Fat Lip, In Too Deep, and Still Waiting that really kicked things into high gear. For the screaming, devoted fans in the audience, the show was a once-in-a-lifetime experience…and you bet they knew every single word of those songs.

Watch Sum 41 bring the K! Pit to a hilarious fevered pitch below:

Posted on July 18th 2019, 7:35pm
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