The Shrine in the K! Pit

Watch The Shrine Play A Tiny Dive Bar Show

The Shrine bring chaos to The K! Pit in association with Rizla

Following the recent riot from Trash Boat, this week The Shrine bring a slab of psychedelic fuzz to The K! Pit in association with Rizla.

Cramming 50 of their biggest fans into Kerrang!’s favourite London dive bar Blondies, the Venice Beach psych-punks blast out a seven song set of blustering, xxxx rock’n’roll – including Dance On A Razor’s Edge, Tripping Corpse and a killer cover of Motorhead! Plus, guitarist Josh Landau takes it upon himself to explore the bar and see how long he can solo for on top of a crowd’s shoulders.

Here’s the setlist:

I Can’t Control It
Tripping Corpse
A Child At War
Dance On A Razor’s Edge
Cruel World
Riding The Night

Posted on May 23rd 2019, 8:00pm
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