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Lars Ulrich Reveals The Song He Thinks Represents Metallica Best

What Metallica song best represents the band? Drummer Lars Ulrich has his say…

Lars Ulrich loves talking, and Lars Ulrich also loves talking about Metallica. In an interview with Eddie Trunk on Sirius FM, the drummer revealed the single song that he believes best represents the metal heroes' four-decade, 10-album career.

It's not Death Magnetic, and nor is it …And Justice For All. Lars recently – and controversially – spoke up in defence of the pinging piccolo snare sound on St Anger, but that's not the song he settled on either…

When asked which song best represents Metallica both musically and lyrically, he said (via Blabbermouth):

"[Master Of] Puppets is definitely a very, very, very close to the top choice, because, I guess, it checks a lot of boxes. Obviously, it's a longer song, it's kind of a journey, and it's got the light and the dark, the heavy and the more melodic. So it's got the many different moods. Obviously, it's also got an incredible set of lyrics.

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"Another song that checks a lot of those boxes is One," he continues. "But then there's some deeper cuts. I think a song like Bleeding Me has a lot of those boxes checked also. And some of the stuff from the last couple of records.

"But forced to make a choice, I guess I would probably nominate Master Of Puppets or One as the ones that cover most of the bases, and most of what we in Metallica are proudest of in terms of what we do."

Lars' admission comes ahead of the news that Metallica are releasing S&M2, their second live collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony, on August 28.

Recorded as the first-ever concert at the Chase Centre in San Francisco, the production has been remixed and mastered with producer Greg Fidelman, and comes as part of an all-new limited edition deluxe box set. Both Master Of Puppets and One appear on the track list, naturally.

Metallica also recently released a classic archive concert as part of their Metallica Mondays series. Recorded during the 1994 Shit Hits The Sheds tour, the band perform at the Shoreline Ampitheatre in California, with Suicidal Tendencies – and future ’Tallica bassist Rob Trujillo – in support.