Features 7 Things You Need To See Right Now

Your weekly digest of stuff and nonsense. Mainly nonsense, if we’re being brutally honest with ourselves.

Features Primitive Weapons Couldn't Stop If They Wanted To

Mainstream success may come and go, but the compulsion to play music is incurable.

The News

Trapped in purgatory, a lifeless object alive…

The News

We were super frustrated,” says Synyster Gates.

The News Here's A Rock Cover Of Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight

Something about the general vibe and ambience of the song always stuck with me…”

The News

Their album, Bubble Gum, will be released on January 18.

Features Life After Death: The Romantic Legacy Of Chuck Schuldiner

On the 17th anniversary of his passing, we pay homage to death metal’s one true heartthrob.

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