Features How Austin, Texas, Is Becoming A Hub Of Goth And Vampire Culture

America’s city of bats has become a focal point for the children of the night.

The News Ghostemane Announces New Album With Video of An Orgy Inside a Morgue

Ghostemane has announced his 2020 album ANTI-ICON with an NSFW video on YouTube.

Features 11 Underground Metal Covers Of Well-Known Songs You Need To Hear

Settle in and soak up these fascinating reinterpretations of well-known songs by a host of underground artists…

Features Body Count: The Story Behind Cop Killer

Body Count frontman Ice-T looks back on the impact of their groundbreaking, censor-baiting hit Cop Killer

Features The Story Behind Number Of The Beast By Iron Maiden

Enter Bruce Dickinson: the missing piece required to take Iron Maiden, and their soon-to-be-iconic new album, into metal’s big leagues…

The News Neck Deep Announce New Album, All Distortions Are Intentional

Listen to Lowlife, the lead single from Neck Deep’s upcoming fourth album All Distortions Are Intentional.

The News Listen To A Panic! At The Disco Lullaby Covers Album

Send your little ones to the land of nod with these Panic! At The Disco lullabies

The News Watch Nick Jonas Try To Remember Fall Out Boy And Panic! At The Disco Lyrics

In a game of Slay It, Don’t Spray It, Nick Jonas and Jimmy Fallon attempt to recall lyrics by Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco.

Features 6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick

Bowling For Soup frontman on donating his voice to various projects and being a big soccer fan

The News Malevolence Release New Video Featuring Bryan Garris From Knocked Loose

Malevolence’s new single, Keep Your Distance, is about positive aggression. A perfect match…

The News Creeper Release New Video For Cyanide

Watch Creeper’s new video for Cyanide, taken from their upcoming album Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

The News This Time-Lapse Video Of Rammstein's Stage Being Built Is Absolutely Epic

Watch how Rammstein’s incredible stage set-up is built – and just how long it takes the crew to do so…

The News Go Behind The Scenes With Jason Momoa On The New Ozzy Osbourne Video

Watch Jason Momoa channel The Prince Of Darkness in this awesome behind-the-scenes teaser of Ozzy’s Scary Little Green Men video.

The News A Newly-Discovered Sea Creature Has Been Named After Metallica

Krill ’em all! A “worm-like” crustacean discovered in the northern Pacific has been named after Metallica.

Features 11 Songs Bands Have Written About Other Artists

Eleven tracks bands have written about artists they admire or perhaps aren’t actually that keen on

The News Green Day Postpone Upcoming Asia Tour Due To Coronavirus

Green Day have postponed their tour dates in Asia “due to the health and travel concerns with coronavirus”.

The News Watch Brendon Urie Make A Synthwave Song On Twitch

The Panic! At The Disco frontman put together a whole synthwave song during his livestreams on Twitch

Reviews Album Review: Nova Twins – Who Are The Girls?

Nova Twins fly the flag for all that’s right on deadly, incendiary debut Who Are The Girls?

Reviews Album Review: Pengshui – Pengshui

Pengshui mix metal with gritty London grime on self-titled debut…

The News Metalheads Are The Music Fans Most Likely To Have Sex In Cars, Study Says

A new study has discovered that if the van is a-rockin’, it’s probably to Dokken.

The News Danny Wimmer Presents Explain How James Hetfield's Recovery Conflicted With Festival Dates

Danny Wimmer Presents have revealed that James Hetfield’s ‘sobriety weekends’ conflicted with Sonic Temple and Louder Than Life.

The News Danzig’s Elvis Covers Album Gets Official Release Date

Danzig has finally announced the release date for his long-awaited Elvis covers album.

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