Features A Loving Tribute To The Timeless Genius Of Korn's Freak On A Leash Video

DUNG a daka, DUNG DUNG a daka daka, DUNG a daka, DUNG DUNG a daka daka…


There comes a time in your life when you have to get rid of everything and for me, that time is now.”

The News Parkway Drive Announce UK Tour Support

Well, these shows just got approximately 13483245987456 times more awesome.

Features Release Of The Week: PVMNTS' Better Days

LA pop-punk upstarts set their sights on bright skies ahead with firecracker debut…

The News Huntress Singer Jill Janus Has Died, Aged 43

The frontwoman fought a long battle with mental illness.

Features Bloodstock 2018 In 15 Pictures

We had a wild old weekend with fifteen-thousand other metal maniacs.

The News Study Finds Tattoos Are No Longer A Barrier To Employment

It probably doesn’t apply to face tats just yet, but give it time.

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