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Paul Stanley's Dad Celebrates His 100th Birthday Today

KISS' Paul Stanley wants fans to wish his dad a happy birthday on this milestone day.

As KISS fast approach their 50th year together in 2023, guitarist and vocalist Paul Stanley's dad has just reached double that milestone, turning 100 years old today.

"My dad is one hundred years old today!" Paul tweeted. "He is an awesome man and I am so proud to be his son."

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Given the current global restrictions to self-isolate and social distance to stop the spread of coronavirus, sadly Paul can't be with his pa today – so he's come up with an alternative to get the well wishes across to him.

"We can't be together since it's not safe," Paul continues. "I love him dearly and am asking everyone please wish him happy birthday on this milestone. Thank you."

All at Kerrang! would indeed like to wish you a very Happy Birthday, sir!

Last year, Paul's dad was quite possibly the oldest-ever attendee at a KISS show, rocking out to his son's band at the Forum in Los Angeles at the age of 98. What a hero.

As Blabbermouth note, in KISS biography Behind The Mask, Paul revealed that his dad was born in America, but is "Russian-Hungarian-Polish".

"My family wasn't that well off," he said. "When I was six, my father bought me a bike, which was the only thing that I was given of any value. We weren't affluent, but we survived. There were times when money was very tight. In Manhattan, the four of us lived in a one-bedroom apartment; my parents slept in the living room and my sister and I shared the bedroom. My father worked as a furniture salesman, and my mother was a teacher. Originally, she was a registered nurse, and then she taught retarded kids. Ultimately, she became a full-time housewife."

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