10 Songs That Showcase The Best Of Evanescence And Within Temptation

Evanescence and Within Temptation have added more dates to their co-headline tour. To celebrate, here are 10 songs that showcase the best of both bands.

10 Songs That Showcase The Best Of Evanescence And Within Temptation
Steve Beebee

When two of the biggest female-fronted bands in rock history announced they’d be touring together next April, it’s fair to say that excitement levels went through the roof. So much so that some of those arena-level shows have already sold out, leading to Within Temptation and Evanescence announcing six additional dates, including three in the UK. You can expect the set lists to be suitably epic, but for those seeking a quick refresher, here’s a guide to the best songs from both bands.

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Evanescence – Bring Me To Life

Among the last decade’s most immediately recognisable songs, Bring Me To Life has long since outgrown Daredevil, the 2003 movie in which it featured. A four-week chart topper in the UK, it racked up similar success elsewhere, propelling debut album Fallen towards sales of 17 million, and making singer Amy Lee just about the most famous woman in rock. The rap section – performed by Paul McCoy of 12 Stones – was forced on the as yet inexperienced band by their record company who were trying to steer them in a nu-metal direction. It didn’t matter, or stop Bring Me To Life becoming a lifetime set staple.

Evanescence – My Immortal

One of those songs that will live longer than its creator, My Immortal is as exquisitely beautiful as it is chilling, a paean to love, death and loss. Over delicate piano notes, Amy emotes nocturnal, sleep-deprived sentiments such as ‘Your presence still lingers here / and it won’t leave me alone’. You almost see ghosts in the corner of the room. It’s sung with such devotion, and such brave and bereaved emotion that you cannot help but be swept up in its cathartic, symphonic conclusion. A classic.

Evanescence – Going Under

The first track on the first album, Going Under is Evanescence in its purest form. It starts with stuttering jabs of guitar and an understated, almost whispered vocal from Amy. That’s before it spreads its wings and flies off into the land of goth metal legend. A first listen to that soaring chorus gave us some idea of the turbulent emotions we could expect from this remarkable band, and a strong hint at its singer’s magnetic talents.

Evanescence – Lithium

By the time second album The Open Door was released, the focus was purely on Amy, marking her as one of the most powerful women in rock. On Lithium, a natural successor to My Immortal, her heartfelt, almost tearful voice and distinctive image (goth-lite Victoriana) created another gently realised heart-wrencher with a video to match. Folds of piano and orchestration were the backdrop for another emotional powerplay.

Evanescence – My Heart Is Broken

It’s hard to believe that in their long history Evanescence have only produced three albums of original material. While nothing will top their debut in terms of sales, 2011’s self-titled release is easily their best. My Heart Is Broken, a horror-struck response to the crime of sex trafficking, features another astonishing vocal from the singer that lifts it way beyond the ordinary. Nevertheless, you could have picked out virtually any track from this masterful return.

Within Temptation – Ice Queen

he Within Temptation that came to fame on second album Mother Earth was a different beast to the streamlined vehicle of bombast that they are today. Along with the title track, this song’s intriguing combination of bewitched folk and symphonic metal won them friends in mainland Europe in particular. It was tree-hugging music capturing life’s essence, both praising and fearful of the power of nature – and it packed a pretty big punch itself.

Within Temptation – Stand My Ground

In the gothic metal dictionary the entry for ‘anthemic’ simply contains a link to Stand My Ground. From third album The Silent Force, this song and video was a turning point for the rising Dutch band, proving they could be bold and memorable with just as much conviction as they could be ethereal and mysterious. It turned out to be the first on a list of flag-wavers now too numerous to count.

Within Temptation – Faster

By the time 2011’s The Unforgiving was released, its creators had reached a new zenith in professionalism. In choice cut Faster the sound was huge, the production polished and singer Sharon den Adel was at the peak of her powers. Any song calling itself Faster should be propulsive and fun – this one’s all that but crucially it also came with a jaw-dropping chorus big enough to swallow Godzilla.

Within Temptation – Paradise (What About Us?)

For sixth album Hydra, Within Temptation hit on the idea of buddying up with a bevy of guest stars, names as varied as Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner and rapper Xzibit. While the former helped to deliver the inspirational anthem Whole World Is Watching, it was a full energy collision with original Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen that breathed life into Paradise (What About Us?), now the most watched Within Temptation video on YouTube.

Within Temptation – The Reckoning

After seven Within Temptation albums we should justly consider ourselves spoilt. We’ve witnessed unbelievable singing, brilliant songwriting and extravagant live shows. What’s more, new album Resist is up there with the best – it’s a stylistic change, as always, but one that keeps the Dutch superstars interesting and relevant. The Reckoning - which features Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix – is a strident call to arms, the first track on the album and the opening song on the recent tour. Hugely dynamic, memorable and boasting a sci-fi inspired video, it ushered Within Temptation fans into a brave new world.

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