From Bring Me To Life to Chewbacca, here's 11 things we learned from Amy Lee's Reddit AMA

In a new Reddit AMA, Evanescence's Amy Lee has answered some incredibly pressing fan questions – from her favourite song on Fallen to the most superior form of potato…

From Bring Me To Life to Chewbacca, here's 11 things we learned from Amy Lee's Reddit AMA
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As Evanescence gear up to hit arenas in the U.S. with Halestorm this winter, vocalist Amy Lee has been reconnecting with fans online in a new Reddit AMA. And from Halloween outfits to the best type of potato (to some actual questions about the band, too), it's an incredibly fun read.

Here's the best stuff we learned…

The inspiration behind Bring Me To Life is simple

"A guy walks into a bar and says, 'Are you happy?'" Amy shares. "I said yes but meant no. Then I wrote a song about it and here we are. Also I married the guy."

She’s got a great Halloween costume idea with her son

"Well Jack is Darth Vader. So I guess I'll be pulling that Chewbacca costume from the last night of the Lindsey Stirling tour out of the attic."

Making Evanescence setlists is a struggle

"Making the setlist keeps getting tougher because there are so many songs now," admits Amy. "It's hard to cut things out! I get with the band and we all throw out our favs that we want to play, then start narrowing it down (painful!) and building it in 2 ways – making it flow in a way that keeps the energy up, moving and interesting, and also spreading out the hardest ones for me so I can keep my voice going. This will be our longest set ever!"

They’ll be playing a lot from new album The Bitter Truth live

"We just got through the first round of rehearsals and it feels so good to play with all of us together again. We've been rehearsing at the same space for many years and every time we go there it's like no time has passed. I am incredibly excited for tour, we all are. The new album stuff is what we're looking forward to playing most and we will play almost the entire thing."

Amy adds of their upcoming shows: "But yeah, we're representing all the albums in the set with a couple of surprises."

Composer David Campbell plays a huge role in the classical side of their music

"David Campbell is on another level. I always have ideas but then let him take them and run. It is collaborative, but he always brings incredibly creative parts into songs that can make them really change shape, which I love."

Amy’s favourite song from Fallen is also the band’s biggest

"Tough call. Bring Me To Life busted down a lot of doors for us and is now such a huge part of my life, can't help but choose that one."

She’s a Buddy Holly fan

"Every Day by Buddy Holly," writes Amy when asked what song she loves that people might be surprised about. "Not just the song, and the performance, but also the sound of that recording. I love it."

Her favourite type of potato is a more obscure one…


Amy’s got two dream collaborators

"Trent Reznor, Tim Burton."

She hopes to do another Recover EP at some point

"Yeah I really want to do this. I put all my energy into the band for the making of the album and now tour, so I'll have to get to it when things wind down a little. Thinking about making the next one a theme… like all AdventureTime or all Beatles or all music from film or something."

And, finally, she’s not here for your Bring Me To Life jokes

"Hey Amy! Have you been woken up inside yet?" Amy is asked, to which she responds: "I was but hearing that joke for the 1 millionth time just put me back to sleep!"


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