13 Times Black Metal Cats Howled Into The Abyss

It's National Cat Day, even though this lot would probably want to watch the whole world burn...

13 Times Black Metal Cats Howled Into The Abyss

Since 2014, the Black Metal Cats Twitter account has provided the internet with all the feline-based black metal abyss-staring you need. Every day, dark black metal lyrics are served up in all their grim glory, accompanied by the visage of suitably grumpy looking kitties in suitably snowy/woody/evil surrounds.

If you ever felt there was an element missing from mysterious French legion Mutiilation’s Cosmic Seeds Of Anger And Dementia that you couldn’t quite put your finger on, it may be the lack of fur and eyes that stare through you in search of some of that sweet, sweet catnip.

So, in celebration of National Cat Day, here are 13 of Black Metal Cats' grimmest tweets.

Before you go off to stare into the Vantablack-dark void, why not check out these ABBA songs done in a black metal style?

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