6 things you didn’t know about Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack on vegetables, Alkaline Trio and more…

6 things you didn’t know about Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack
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From accidental online purchases to endless cheese sandwiches, Black Veil BridesAndy Biersack sure is a complicated fellow…

1I’m genuinely terrified of social interaction

“I literally can’t talk to anyone! I will eat things I didn’t order at a restaurant because I can’t challenge people. The greatest thing in the world is that my wife will help me, because I’m worried and nervous about essentially everything, all day long. I can’t even watch a movie without pausing it 10 times to explain to my wife how the world’s about to end.”

2I hardly ever have dreams

“In the last dream I had, in The Dark Knight there’s that fake Batcave underground, and you know there’s that scene where it goes up and down? I dreamed that I was on that, but I couldn’t get it to stop. I kept going and I would get into the Batcave for, like, eight seconds, and then it would just shoot back up again. The whole dream was just me on this lift going up and down, and it was like, ‘Oh, there’s the Batmobile! Noooo! Oh, there’s the Batmobile! Noooo!’ That’s the only dream I’ve had in the past, like, year.”

3I accidentally bought a load of snails online

“I bought something on Amazon and they sent me a bunch of snails preserved in gel, along with some Korean plastic gloves. I opened the package and thought, ‘Well, this isn’t mine, but it’s open now and I’m not gonna bother sending it back.’ The snails were dead already – it wasn’t something weird like live snails (laughs).”

4I didn’t eat vegetables until I was 20

“I don’t eat most things! And I go with things until it’s dire – like smoking or drinking. Until it eventually kicks in that, ‘This is a mistake,’ only then will I change my habits. So I only ate a piece of white bread with cheese on it for all of my meals for almost the entire early part of my 20s. It’s not great! I still love a good piece of cheese on bread now, though, but I’m a vegan-leaning vegetarian, so it’s not real cheese.”

5I embarrassed myself in front of Matt Skiba

Alkaline Trio are my favourite band, and something embarrassing happened between [frontman] Matt Skiba and me for an entire week. For instance: we were both at a bar, and I was leaving with my buddy. We had to walk sideways to get past him through these stalls, and a girl smacked him on the butt as I was walking past. He turned around and it was me standing behind him! We were on [Australian festival] Soundwave and kept playing the same cities, so I kept seeing him and things like that would happen every day.”

6I regret… pretty much everything

“Essentially, on the hour, I regret at least 30 things – all of which are inconsequential. It’s an impossible task for someone like me to choose just one thing. Just take your pick. ‘What shoes did I wear today?’ Anything will stress me out. How do you think my wife feels?! She’s a saint, being around me all the time. Sometimes it’s healthy to just let me spin out because I don’t want to hear the reassurance and I want to be crazy, but other times she’s like, ‘It’s all good!’”

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