7 things you probably didn’t know about Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck

Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck on his potential rugby career, idolising James Hetfield and more…

7 things you probably didn’t know about Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck
Jake Richardson
Andy Ford

Call Of Duty, cars and Margot Robbie – Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck’s world is a mixed bag…

I wanted to play rugby for Wales

“That was my dream. I was a big sports player until I was 17, and then I gave it up to concentrate on music. When I was a kid, it was either be a rock star or be an international rugby player. Given the size of some of the lads playing rugby today, I think I made the right choice!”

I’m a massive petrolhead

“It’s the only love I have apart from music, but it’s an expensive passion! I go to motor shows, and I go on Autotrader every day and look at the market prices. I frequent garages to check out the new models as well. I love the smell, the touch, the colours… I’m a total car geek!”

James Hetfield was my teenage hero

“When I was 14, my goal was to be like him. I didn’t want to be a policeman, a fireman or an astronaut – I never had those typical ‘I want to do this’ moments, apart from rugby. I was very stubborn with regards to pursuing music, but that’s the attitude you need if you want a career that’s not a run-of-the-mill job.”

I’m addicted to Call Of Duty

“I’m not a huge gamer, but I have a big passion for Call Of Duty. When I’m at home and the little one is in bed, I’ll switch the Xbox on, get online and cause some chaos! It’s a fantastic game – I love it!”

I thought I’d made a mistake with music

“The desire to be a musician took over my life, but there was a point where I thought, ‘Fuck – I’ve done something wrong here.’ I was 23, still living with my parents, and I didn’t have any money or an end goal in sight. The older I was getting, the more people slammed my decision to continue with the band. That doubt started to creep in, but then we landed a record deal!”

Margot Robbie loves Bullet For My Valentine

“We get messages on Twitter from fellow musicians, wrestlers and even politicians saying they like our music, but Margot is definitely our most famous fan. To have someone like that name-drop your band is phenomenal. It’s great to know anyone likes your music, but those unexpected ones like Margot make me smile that bit more.”

My biggest regret is taking things too seriously

“I wish I’d enjoyed everything more in the early days. I’ve always been very focused, which is a positive thing, but it can detract from the feel-good factor of life. I’d like to have let my hair down a bit more and enjoyed the moment, rather than stressing about stuff.”

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