8 lesser known but brilliant blink-182 songs everyone needs to hear

Shining a spotlight on some of blink-182’s deep-cut bangers that you absolutely must know…

8 lesser known but brilliant blink-182 songs everyone needs to hear
Kieron Passaway

The first note of blink-182's existence was struck in a suburban garage in Californian in 1992. That's a really, really long time ago now. Give or take a hiatus or two, the kings of pop-punk have been putting out music ever since, which means they've amassed a hell of a lot of songs, and inevitably many genuine bangers have slipped under the radar. Which is kind of a travesty. So let’s fix that, shall we?

Here are some great blink-182 songs you might not be aware of, but we think you should be…


This is highly sought after, premium blink-182 stuff. These were the days when the band seemed to want to finish a song before you even had time to realise you were enjoying it. It’s fast, it’s unforgiving, and it’s brilliant.

Sadly most people likely aren't aware of this song because it was tucked away on their They Came To Conquer Uranus EP in 1996. It’s really, really good, though. Like Dude Ranch good. So it doesn’t make sense that this track is largely consigned to the bins of blink history, but at least it’s on YouTube…

2Not Now

It was a tumultuous time for blink-182 in 2004. It was the end of chapter one, which is arguably their best chapter, and certainly the one most longtime fans look back on with glassy-eyed fondness. This was the song that played that era out. There’s a certain sadness to it, and you can feel and hear the friction in the track. Vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge appears to be pushing a separate sonic agenda which he eventually realised with Angels & Airwaves, while vocalist/bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker are busy reinforcing the trademark blink sound. That should make the song sound almost like a battle, disjointed and ultimately flawed, but it actually ends up making for a beautiful marriage. There's an argument to be made that this is in fact one of blink’s best songs.

Alas, it was only released on the UK version of the band's 2003 Untitled album, and as a track on their greatest hits.

3Dogs Eating Dogs

The second chapter of blink had somewhat of a slapdash feel to proceedings at times. 2011 record Neighbourhoods was recorded in fragmented sessions, with a courier taking files to-and-fro between Mark and Travis in LA and Tom in San Diego. It’s a great album, but it lacked the consistency required to really feel engrossing.

The following year's Dogs Eating Dogs EP is a more complete and considered release, but often gets overlooked in the grand scheme of the band's output. That's likely in part because it only packed in four songs, seemingly came from out of nowhere and as such is easily forgotten about. The titular track is great fun, zips along at speed and is very reminiscent of Dude Ranch in many ways. It’s blink-fan nirvana, essentially.

4Wasting Time

A lot of people staunchly stick up for 1995 debut album Cheshire Cat, as if taking part in some secret competition to prove who loves blink the most. In truth, it’s not of the same standard as the band would later hit, filled, as it is, with dubious skits, half-realised riffs, and a lot of shrieking. There were a handful of bangers – M&Ms and Carousel, for example, both of which made the band's greatest hits collection and have each knocked up millions of streams. Wasting Time however, hasn’t, and in our humble opinion, is just as good, deserving a much wider audience.

5Another Girl, Another Planet

Another Girl, Another Planet is a cover (originally by English rockers The Only Ones), but blink absolutely fucking own it. It’s another track that was chucked on top of the Frankenstein's monster that was their 2005 greatest hits collection. It's a summer banger, best played during a barbecue, or like, when you’re alone in your room hoping someone would hit you up. Whatever, it’s great, so give it a go.

6Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

And here we have an unused track that blink have never repurposed. A song chopped off their 2001 Take Off Your Pants And Jacket album, for reasons we’re not entirely sure about. Because it’s great! A trademark American Pie-era blink song, and one you most definitely need in your life.

7Wrecked Him

It’s fairly well known now that the 1996 They Came To Conquer Uranus EP provided a home for the songs that didn’t quite make the cut for Dude Ranch. But this song has the melodies, the riffs, the vibe of that record, making it more than good enough to stand tall alongside those songs. Give it a whirl and hear for yourself.

8Man Overboard

This song has gone down in blink-fan folklore. Rumour has it that some of the lyrics might be Mark and Tom throwing shade at their former drummer Scott Raynor, although Mark has denied this. Those lyrics, though…

'So sorry, it’s over /There’s so much more I wanted… You’re out of line, you’re rarely sober… You can only lean on me for so long… Absentminded thoughts, now you're a stranger… Can’t say I miss him.'


Anyhow, they added this one onto their 2000 live album, The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show and that was that. Great song, though, and like everything on here, simply not known by as many people as it should be.

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