A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon: "This Is The Happiest Record We've Written In A Minute – Or Ever"

According to ADTR frontman Jeremy McKinnon, the band's new album is packed with positivity.

A Day To Remember's Jeremy McKinnon: "This Is The Happiest Record We've Written In A Minute – Or Ever"

One of the strengths A Day to Remember have always had is the pop-punk positivity they've packed into their otherwise crushing music. This level of good humor is what has made them one of the most surprisingly influential bands in what is generally a pretty angry, negative scene. So it ought to please fans to learn that according to frontman Jeremy McKinnon, the band's new album is "the happiest record [they've written] in a minute...or ever."

In an interview with NME, the singer says, “The mood in the camp is positive. I would say that shows in the songs too. It kind of feels like the happiest record that we’ve written in a minute -- or ever. That’s exciting for me. The name of the game this time was collaboration. You know, getting in a room together, getting in a room with people who inspire us, seeing what comes out.”

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Though the band only recently dropped a new single named Degenerates, Jeremy is quick to note that this album isn't about being one of the bad guys. "It’s actually the complete opposite of that. I’ve been getting a lot of people say that, and for good reason. I’m playing around a lot on this record with this thing that I’m really inspired by from the country world. Kacey Musgraves has got this song called Space Cowboy. I love how you’ve seen the title of the song, you think you know what she’s talking about, then that chorus hits and it’s a completely different subject and meaning than what you thought the song was going to be about.

“I thought that was just the coolest thing," he continues, "and that really inspired me lyrically to ask, ‘How can I take this subject and just flip it on its head?’ If you really listen to the lyrics in Degenerates, it completely flips the meaning of the song. It’s about what other people assume by looking at someone. That’s where the line ‘ividing all the books by their covers‘ comes from. It’s about judging others by the way they look, rather than on their merits.”

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A Day To Remember will be touring the U.S. this fall with I Prevail and Beartooth. Catch them live at one of the following dates:


06 Buffalo, NY
07 Worcester, MA
08 Concord, VA
27 Louisville, KY


12 San Bernadino, CA
13 Sacramento, CA
15 Boise, ID
17 Denver, CO
21 Irving, TX
22 Houston, TX
23 Corpus Christi, TX
25 St Charles, MO
26 Chicago, IL
27 Minneapolis, MN
29 Fargo, ND
30 Des Moines, IA
31 Independence, MD


02 Pittsburgh, PA
03 Fairfax, VA
05 Laval, QC
07 Reading, PA
09 Glens Falls, NY
10 Trenton, NJ
12 Syracuse, NY
14 Fort Wayne, IN
15 Cleveland, OH
16 Ypsilanti, MI
17 Huntington, WY
19 New York, NY
21 Duluth, GA
22 Nashville, TN
23 Fayetteville, NC

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