A newborn baby was accidentally named Korn due to a hospital error

Over the weekend a mum went viral on Twitter after sharing how a hospital mistake meant her young baby was legally named 'Korn' instead of 'Kora'.

A newborn baby was accidentally named Korn due to a hospital error
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Korn began trending on Twitter over the weekend after a mum shared that her newborn baby had accidentally been named after the nu-metal legends.

Seattle mum Kells shared that her young daughter was legally given the name 'Korn' instead of 'Kora' due to a hospital error. "The hospital messed up my baby's name and we just got the birth certificate and it's Korn my baby's name is legally Korn" she tweeted on April 24 alongside a photo of the mess-up – a post that at the time of writing now has gotten over 14,000 retweets and 138,000 likes.

Detailing the mistake – which should thankfully be corrected ASAP and with relative ease as these typos do often happen – Kells followed up by explaining that, "1. The name is supposed to be Kora. 2. Yes this should be able to be easily fixed if we are fast! 3. There is a chance they may have had me double check this but to be fair I was down a lot of blood at the time."

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Following the viral posts, she shared on April 26 that, "Kora/Korn does not know she was the main character this weekend. We just mailed the corrections form, which unfortunately was the back of the Korn certificate so we can’t put it in the baby book but we’ll put a scanned version in."

While the band are yet to respond, happily she adds that she is "healing well" – and has clearly taken this all in very good humour. So congratulations, Kells, and hope it all gets sorted soon!

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