Abrams Merge Stoner Metal And Post-Hardcore On Their Dissonant New Single

Exclusive: The new track by Denver's Abrams takes a heartfelt spin on their classic crush.

Abrams Merge Stoner Metal And Post-Hardcore On Their Dissonant New Single
Mike Goodwin

Like many of the bands hailing from the Mile High City, Abrams have usually leaned towards the downer-doom side of things. The Denver quartet's previous album Morning definitely has some moments of breakout yearning, but all of this is nestled in a bed of burly, pounding doom metal that would be best served with an edible. It's this approach that has made them one of the city's premiere underground metal acts alongside countrymen like Khemmis and Blood Incantation. But the title of their upcoming Dave Otero-produced album Modern Ways seems to hint at a shift in Abrams' sound, with the band turning more towards a heartfelt, almost poppy sound at times.

The band's new track Joshua Tree goes especially hard in this direction. Unlike their previous single Modern Ways, the song doesn't even try to ease the listener in with Torche-ish heaviness, instead opening with shimmery, high-pitched guitars that give way to purely clean vocals. Even the chorus, which is where the song gets heaviest, feels more in touch with listenable cuts by bands like Alice In Chains or Mastodon. The song is a refreshing new angle from which to view this Denver stoner-metal act, and an interesting indication as to where today's crop of doom bands may eventually be headed.

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"This song Joshua Tree is something new for us," explains bassist/vocalist Taylor Iversen. "Taking some of the things we tried on Morning a little further out towards completion. Just in the realm of writing a catchy, rocking pop song. When we were tossing the riffs around, we weren't even sure if it WAS an Abrams song, but for these writing sessions we'd agreed to challenge ourselves and go to places we'd not been. So we pieced it together, and with the help of producer/engineer Dave Otero we ended up with one of our catchiest songs to date."

Listen to our exclusive premiere of Joshua Tree below:

Abrams' Modern Ways comes out May 1 on Sailor Records, and is available for preorder.

Catch Abrams live at one of the following dates:


10 Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge w/ King Buffalo


02 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive - w/ Native Daughters and Palehorse/Palerider

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