Album review: Annisokay – Aurora

German metalcore crew Annisokay dish out more of the same on dull fifth album, Aurora

Album review: Annisokay – Aurora
Dan Slessor

Formed in 2007, German quartet Annisokay have never been accused of innovation, and this is not about to change in 2021 – though don’t wholly write them off. Following the big book of metalcore rules they stick firmly to the formula that has seen them make it to album number five: aggressive or ‘poignant’ verses, big choruses, stomping breakdowns and supposedly haunting passages breaking things up.

Like seemingly every other contemporary metalcore band save for Killswitch Engage, electronics also play a large part, and these mostly serve to bring texture and atmosphere to the songs, with varying results. The biggest shame is that they get the good stuff out of the way at the starting line – opening track Like A Parasite is a genuinely rousing anthem, with a huge, dive-bombing riff and even bigger chorus raising expectations. Unfortunately, these are almost immediately dashed, with what follows best described as boring. They do have their moments, very occasionally, perhaps the best of these the bouncy riff that kicks off I Saw What You Did, and the Meshuggah-lite juddering riff bolted onto a beat that gives it real swing which opens Face The Facts.

Since their last release they have welcomed new screamer Rudi Schwarzer into their ranks, and it’s fair to say they are at their best when he is let loose. This is counterpointed by the melodic croon of Christoph Wieczorek, who has the capacity of draining emotion at almost every turn. Choruses that are evidently supposed to soar fall flat, and at 13 tracks it is also far too long, with some songs so redundant they do not even merit mention. Not okay.

Verdict: 2/5

For Fans Of: Sleeping With Sirens, The Devil Wears Prada, Blessthefall

Aurora is released on January 29 via Arising Empire.

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