Album review: Same Side – Oh No

The Story So Far’s Kevin Geyer feels every difficult emotion to its full on this deft and melancholy second LP under the guise of his side project, Same Side...

Album review: Same Side – Oh No
Rachel Roberts

Oh No is personal. As you hit 'play' on Same Side's second record, it’s as if Kevin Geyer appears from a puff of smoke, takes your hand and guides you inside of his head. He steps through each track with you, like little portals into past visions and bittersweet memories, which are faded and wavering at the edges. They’re far away, but potent with feelings.

Kevin’s comfortable with dipping a toe into various musical projects - The Story So Far, indie-rock supergroup Pile Of Love, and ‘90s-inspired atmospheric quartet Elder Brother. With Same Side, he puts out what comes naturally to him. The music and words spew out in dozy, melancholic melodies, almost as if unfiltered and unchanged from when he sat down to write them, acoustic guitar in hand.

Short intro Before enters with eerie synth and keys decorated with a nostalgic crunch, before swelling up into Now, bringing a midwest emo feel, clustered with teasers of full and anthemic instrumental choruses. It makes the listener feel entirely present.

Elsewhere, it tears into ugly grudges and feelings of resentment – ‘God forbid you do something for someone else’ on track On & On & On – and also taps into a softer side the with slowly shuffling acoustic track POV. ‘Just show me the hoops,' he sings, 'I’ll jump through’.

Oh No is not an album of bravado or grandeur, it’s an acceptance of the highs and lows of existence. As Kevin says himself, “It’s not meant to be the pinnacle of how good a song can be. Instead, it’s about making a song my own.” It’s an exploration of taking every situation that life throws your way on the chin, and just sitting with each feeling, letting it really soak through. With airy, warm tones and a calm pace, it’s a record for slow living and big emotion.

Verdict: 3/5

For fans of: Elder Brother, Superheaven, The Story So Far

Oh No is out on February 2 via Pure Noise

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