Album Review: Today Is The Day – No Good To Anyone

U.S. metal extremists Today Is The Day continue with the bad vibes on No Good To Anyone…

Album Review: Today Is The Day – No Good To Anyone
Angela Davey

The heated fervidity of Nashville grinders Today Is The Day has remained as sharp as ever in the six-year gap between 2014’s excellent Animal Mother and No Good To Anyone. They are still, quite possibly, the world’s angriest band, and here they take you on a nightmarish journey through a variety of bad vibes.

From the doom-laden dirge of the opening title-track, to the smouldering psychedelia of Son Of Man, and the intense, feverish noise-rock of Burn In Hell, singer/guitarist Steve Austin (no, not the one from the wrestling) provides no moment of respite for his listeners. As ever, it’s immediately apparent that the man has a story to tell, and he’s pulling out all of the stops to ensure he has full attention as he drags you through Hell and back with him.

No Good To Anyone is a disconcerting listening experience, but that’s exactly what any seasoned fan of Today Is The Day will have come to expect by now, and for those having their first encounter with this still-formidable act, it’s one hell of a trip.

Verdict: 4/5

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