Album review: Unprocessed – and everything in between

The next Polyphia? German tech-metallers Unprocessed serve up a killer helping of fresh and verdant heaviness on third album...

Album review: Unprocessed – and everything in between
James Hingle

In the culinary world, being unprocessed is food that hasn’t been enhanced to improve its taste. It means the food item is fresh, and served without being stuffed full of other crap. It’s no coincidence, then, that German quartet Unprocessed have created an album so forward-thinking that it’s a huge breath of fresh air in the world of metal, delivered as it is, and all the better for it.

What these guys have done on and everything in between is merge complex, intergalactic technicality with mind-smashing melodic symphonies that sees their Polyphia-esque riffs transform from feral incantations to precisely-timed soundscapes made for swaying from pillar to pillar.

Opener Hell is a contorted, wild beast that is made to really challenge its listener, like staring into a vortex with the very fibres of the universe swirling around you. It is alien in nature, just like the uncompromising Lore, but what really throws you off course and helps elevate Unprocessed is Thrash, with it’s softer, bellowing choruses, layered intricacies and almost nu-metal vibes, reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon.

As you delve deeper into this record, it truly transpires into a positively overwhelming, complex creature. The unnerving veracity of Die On The Cross As A Martyr is almost as unhinged as it is technically brilliant, with a seamless convergence of bombastic riffs and pummelling beats, whilst the soothing tones of Abysm are a reminder of this band being able to lean into their pop sensibilities whilst staying true to their love of breakdowns and mathy riffs.

There’s certainly a lot to unpack into an expectation for Unprocessed’s next offering, but they have the ingredients here to rise like Polyphia. On this evidence, it’ll be rude not to take notice.

Verdict: 4/5

For Fans of: Polyphia, Bring Me The Horizon, SikTh

Unprocessed is released on December 1

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