Amy Lee: Why I Started Talking About Politics

The Evanescence singer explains why she’s started putting her political views out there

Amy Lee: Why I Started Talking About Politics

Amy Lee has opened up about why she has started talking about politics, and why Evanescence’s latest single Use My Voice – featuring, among others, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale and The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen – is a statement she felt she had to make.

"I've in a way reached a point this year where I feel like silence is a statement that I don't want to make," she explained to Loudwire. "I needed to express myself in that song. And we began thinking about, ‘how can we make things better?’ Not divide people, not scream from the rooftops. There's a lot of screaming going on, and Use My Voice, in turn, is a song imploring people to vote, be themselves and to stand by what they believe.”

Amy also recently wrote about the gender imbalance in music, after being asked about it in a radio interview. In a post on Instagram, she made her feelings known.

“Honestly, women do get skipped over,” she begins. “We do get left out of the recap when it all boils down. It is harder to make it onto the cover or the radio. Because our face is not the classic, quintessential face of rock… if you’re thinking of it as a literal face. I think it’s embedded subconsciously in our brains that women in rock are less authentic somehow, like we’re next gen. We’re part 2. Not the original. A niche little off-brand thing.

“But here’s the deal: The true heart of rock music is the spirit of rebellion. Going against the grain. Challenging views, breaking society’s rules, and unapologetically being who you are. We’re supposed to be the moms, the girlfriends, the fans. But then there are those rogue dissenters who don’t fit the mould and don’t let that stop them from doing what they dream – and that is rock’n’roll!"

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