Anal C*nt Guitarist Josh Martin Dies In Escalator Accident

A sad situation.

Anal C*nt Guitarist Josh Martin Dies In Escalator Accident

Anal Cunt guitarist Josh Martin died yesterday from injuries he sustained falling off an escalator in the Providence Place Mall in Providence, RI around 10:45pm. 45 year old Martin suffered severe head trauma in the fall. Witnesses described Martin as “clowning around” and “riding the rail of the escalator” when he fell off backwards and hit his head on a table on the way down, landing in the food court.

Anal Cunt broke up in 2011 when their frontman Seth Putnam died, and late last year Martin was in the news for heckling of Kiss' Gene Simmons at a Providence, RI show. During part of the show where Simmons was handed a key to the city by a politician, Martin yelled things like “Is this a fucking joke?” and “Ace is better than this!” before Simmons rushed out to allegedly fight him.

Here's the band live in 1997:

If you're not familiar with Anal Cunt's output, get to know:

Martin played on a number of AxCx recordings, including the Fuckin' A album, arguably the only album in history to blend grindcore and glam rock. It's pretty good:

Check out more:

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