Andy Biersack Didn't Eat Vegetables Until He Was 20

Black Veil Brides' Andy Biersack reveals some of his interesting dietary choices

Andy Biersack Didn't Eat Vegetables Until He Was 20

Andy Biersack has revealed something quite interesting about his previous dietary habits – he didn't eat any veggies until his twenties!

Speaking to Kerrang! about a variety of subjects, the man also known as Andy Black shared what must be a dream for those among us who can't stand eating their greens.

“I don’t eat almost anything. I didn’t eat vegetables until I was, like, 20. Eventually you have to, because otherwise you’ll die," Andy tells Kerrang!. "I go with things until it’s dire – like smoking or drinking. Until it eventually kicks in that, ‘This is a mistake,’ then I’ll change it.

"I only ate a piece of white bread with cheese on it every day, for all of my meals, for almost the entire early part of my 20s. It’s not great – no vitamins, just gonna die."

Although living on just bread and cheese sounds pretty good to us, Andy has opted to change his lifestyle in favour of fruit and veg.

"I still love a good piece of cheese on bread now, though! But I’m a vegan-leaning vegetarian now, so it’s not real cheese.”

Speaking to Kerrang! previously, Andy also revealed that Black Veil Brides are working on new material for their upcoming reissue of debut album We Stitch These Wounds.

"Jake, Jinxx and I have been working on that and Jake’s probably going to produce the whole thing," Andy told us. "Moving forward I don’t know what the future holds. Whatever we do it’s going to be something entirely different because we closed the chapter with Vale on what that era of the band was. It’s actually kind of exciting to know that moving forward, it’s going to be different, it’s going to be fun and exciting.”

Andy Black's new album The Ghost Of Ohio is out April 12.

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