Are Bring Me The Horizon Working With Halsey On Music Together?

It looks like Bring Me The Horizon and Halsey are working on music together.

Are Bring Me The Horizon Working With Halsey On Music Together?
Jenn Five

Brace yourselves, people… it looks like Bring Me The Horizon and U.S. singer-songwriter Halsey are working on music together.

On social media last night (July 24) Halsey posted a video of herself in the studio with the caption “Is it too crazy?” while tagging Bring Me The Horizon's Oli Sykes and Jordan Fish's usernames.

Of course, Halsey has worked with artists in the rock and metal world before, releasing the single 11 Minutes with Yungblud and blink-182’s Travis Barker earlier in the year.

On Bring Me's latest 5K-rated album amo, too, the band also found themselves collaborating with musicians outside of their usual remit: specifically Grimes on nihilist blues, and Rahzel on heavy metal.

“I’m sure people will hear it and go, ‘What the fuck?!’ but whatever," Jordan told Kerrang! of nihilist blues ahead of its release." It’s very different in sound for us. We’re big fans of Grimes and she loved the song. She actually sent it back with all these added elements which we weren’t expecting, but she’s super-creative and she’d completely gone to town on it. That elevated the song to a whole new level. She’s someone we respect, and not really someone you’d expect to find working with a metal band. Or a rock band. Or whatever it is we are…”

Meanwhile, of the track heavy metal, Jordan explained: “Rahzel is a beatboxer from The Roots. We had this demo for ages, and the beat was so crazy and heavy it sounded like a beatboxer. I was like, ‘If we got an actual beatboxer on it, that’d be sick.’ Back when the internet first became big, there was this viral video on LimeWire of him beatboxing, so we got in touch and he was up for it. The title is completely ironic – a nod to how we’re completely not heavy metal. There’s a little five-second clip at the end of the track that’s the heaviest we’ve sounded in years.”

Anyway, check out Halsey in the studio below:

Given that BABYMETAL also recently revealed they'd love to collaborate with Horizon, it looks like the Sheffield five-piece could be pretty busy this year…

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