Are Code Orange Releasing New Music This Friday?

A cryptic new video tweet suggests that Code Orange have something cool on the way for Friday.

Are Code Orange Releasing New Music This Friday?

For a while now, nu-core stars Code Orange have been teasing something via their Twitter account, posting blurry photos, strange images of a blue skull-like face, and even launching their own website, Now, the band have tweeted a video clip with a message that suggests that they have something in the works for this Friday.

This evening, the band tweeted, "a g o o d l o o k" alongside the hourglass emoji and the hashtag #11020. Broken down, that seems to read 1/10/20 -- January 10, 2020, this Friday. In the tweet is a video clip with a pounding rhythmic noise behind it, featuring flexing mirrors, strange figures dancing in a circle around one of the band members, and other unsettling imagery.

What exactly this could mean is anyone's guess, but one can't help but hope it's a countdown to new music by the band. Monday will mark three years since the release of Code Orange's massive 2017 album Forever, and fans are undoubtedly hungry for something new.

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Not that those years have been uneventful for Code Orange -- the band has had plenty to occupy to their time. Last January, it was announced that guitarist Reba Meyers would be the first female player with an ESP signature guitar. Later in the month, the band released a mini-documentary called My World that took fans into the strange, surreal life of Code Orange. And in July, the band unfortunately had to cancel their European tour dates in order to focus on completing their next project -- which, hopefully, we'll get our first taste of Friday.

That said, frontman Jami Morgan feels that metal still relies on a slow-burn approach to dropping new material. "The reason we can’t drop albums out of nowhere is that the metal world is nowhere near there yet," the vocalist told Kerrang! in February of 2018. "The level of attention that comes with an album is completely different. I want to be a part of building it slowly. I think other types of music like rap have become almost solely about releasing music in that way. They’ve become the mainstream. And it’s a cool way to tie in with a younger audience that might not even be there yet for metal and bands like ours. It’s equal parts about that as about the artistic vision.

"I think we can be excited about making and releasing singles in this way while still focusing on the linear path that the LPs are on," he continued. "I want it to be all about quality. I think that can be where genres like rap go wrong: they put out a lot of crap just to pump it out because they can make money. Because we can’t really make money on this, I don’t really want to just pump it out. It needs to suit the artistic purpose. I want it to be great."

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