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The News Betraying The Martyrs welcome vocalist Rui Martins, drop new single Black Hole

Watch the video for Betraying The Martyrs’ epic single Black Hole – their first with new vocalist Rui Martins…

Features "It still blows my mind to this day": How Korn's Follow The Leader changed the game

On the anniversary of its release, rock and metal musicians pay homage to Korn’s Follow The Leader.

Features "There’s no movie like it": Why Alien continues to terrify and inspire musicians

Over 40 years since it first hit cinemas, we look at the chest-bursting terror of Ridley Scott’s Alien.

Features How Brexit Could Jeopardise The Future Of Live Music

Betraying The Martyrs Aaron Matts’ shines a light on the potential problems the music industry will face following Brexit

The News Betraying The Martyrs' Tour Trailer Burst Into Flames, Here's How You Can Help

Betraying The Martyrs have started a GoFundMe after losing everything in a trailer fire.

The News Betraying The Martyrs Announce New Album, Release Music Video

French deathcore act Betraying The Martyrs have a new track, and their tour starts tomorrow.