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Features Slipknot: Paul Gray's 10 best songs

We chart much-missed bassist Paul Gray’s 10 greatest tracks for the Knot…

The News Slipknot's Clown puts first Electric Theater NFT up for auction

Slipknot’s Shawn Clown’ Crahan is jumping onboard the non-fungible token train with a new one-of-a-kind auction.

The News Corey Taylor discusses his planned "gonzo horror comedy" movie, Zombie Versus Ninja

Corey Taylor says he isn’t interested in creating Oscar winners”; instead, he wants his movies to be fun, crazy cult classics”.

Features How Ozzfest ’99 ushered in a new generation of metal

As Black Sabbath planned to bow out at Ozzfest 99, nine freaks from Des Moines, Iowa perfectly set the stage for metal’s formidably chaotic and phenomenally exciting next chapter…

The News Corey Taylor on Slipknot's next album: "The music is brilliant… It expands on what we did with We Are Not Your Kind"

Slipknot are entering a realm that we’ve never been” when it comes to new material, according to Corey Taylor…

Features 12 lesser-known nu-metal songs that everyone needs to hear

Here are a bunch of massively underrated nu-metal tracks that’ll quickly become some of your favourites…

The News See Rick Astley shredding along to Slipknot's Duality on TikTok

Rick Astley channels his inner Mick Thomson and rocks out to Slipknot’s Duality… and it’s absolutely perfect.

The News Corey Taylor: "Massive" Slipknot news is coming in the next month

Slipknot have some stuff brewing” – and we will hear about it probably in the next month or so” according to Corey Taylor…

The News Watch the star-studded trailer for new documentary Long Live Rock… Celebrate The Chaos

See members of Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Slipknot, Korn, BVB, Greta Van Fleet, Halestorm and more celebrate the power of music in the trailer for Long Live Rock… Celebrate The Chaos.

Features The 15 most metal songs on movie soundtracks ever

We definitively rank the greatest metal songs to ever appear on movie soundtracks

The News Slipknot’s Clown on missing live shows: “I need to perform in order to survive”

Shawn Clown’ Crahan opens up about the moment he realised Slipknot would have to postpone their touring plans, and how playing live is his medication”.

Features 10 bands who wouldn't be here without Slayer

Slayer are the true embodiment of metal and their impact can be heard across the past four decades of bands that came in their wake. Here are just 10 who danced in the raining blood…