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The News What It Would Sound Like If Slipknot Were A Pop-Punk Band

Slipknot’s Sulfur has been given a surprising pop-punk makeover… but does it work?

The News Slipknot's 2002 DVD Disasterpieces Is Now Available To Watch On YouTube

Slipknot celebrate Iowa’s 19th anniversary with a full stream of Disasterpieces for the first time ever.

The News Corey Taylor Explains To Clown Why There Was "No Way" His Solo Music "Was Gonna Fit With Slipknot"

Corey Taylor guests on Slipknot bandmate Clown’s Electric Theater podcast, and discusses his upcoming solo album CMFT.

The News Corey Taylor Releases Video For Black Eyes Blue

It’s the second video from Corey Taylor’s forthcoming CMFT solo album

The News A-Level Student Picks Up Results Dressed As GWAR's Oderus Urungus

Sadly they didn’t bloodily decapitate an effigy while they were at it…

The News Watch This Awesome One-Armed Drummer Tear Through Slipknot's Duality

Jack Thomas thought he’d “never be able to play again” after an accident…

Features The 10 Greatest Tours Of All Time

We’ve made this irrefutably correct list of the best tours of all time, featuring Nirvana, Slipknot, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Guns N’ Roses and a bunch of other total heroes who you love.

The News This Awesome Mum Built A Slipknot-Themed Bathroom

Ever thought about what it would be like to go to the loo in a Slipknot shrine? Well, this dedicated Maggot mum has made it a reality…

The News Did Slipknot Accidentally Reveal The Identity Of Tortilla Man?

Has Slipknot’s merch store unwittingly unmasked the band’s newest member?

Features Missing Links: 12 Rock And Metal Albums That Never Were

In an alternate universe you could be listening to these lost and unreleased projects…

The News Slipknot Postpone Knotfest At Sea Cruise "For The Foreseeable Future"

Slipknot have indefinitely postponed their inaugural Knotfest At Sea cruise.

The News Slipknot's Debut Album Has Been Repressed On Vinyl

Slipknot’s 1999 self-titled debut album is getting a new vinyl reissue via SRCVINYL.