Avenged Sevenfold Announce Diamonds In The Rough Digital Release

Avenged Sevenfold's 2008 DVD/CD package, Live In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough, will be released digitally for the first time.

Avenged Sevenfold Announce Diamonds In The Rough Digital Release

Following the surprise release of previously-unheard Hail To The King era song Set Me Free yesterday, Avenged Sevenfold have today announced that they will be unveiling their 2008 DVD/CD package, Live In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough, digitally for the very first time.

Both will be out via Warner Records in the coming months, with Diamonds In The Rough (the band's 2008 compilation album) set for release both digitally and on vinyl on February 7, and Live In The LBC (a live DVD from A7X's gig at the Long Beach Arena the same year) on March 6.

Not only is this an exciting update regarding a fan-favourite release for the band, but Diamonds In The Rough is also set to include five additional tracks: Set Me Free, St. James, 4am, Lost It All and a cover of Black Sabbath's Paranoid.

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"It’s very typical of musicians to write 20 to 30 songs for a particular album," explains frontman M. Shadows. "Most of the time, they take the best of the bunch and call it a day, discarding the rest. We have never written like that. We don’t usually finish songs unless they are fulfilling a purpose. The one exception to this was during the self-titled era. We were experimenting with our sound, producing ourselves and we had no one to reel us in. Eventually, the unreleased songs from these sessions were released under the name Diamonds In The Rough. We've heard the demand from many fans that want to stream the album and we wanted to make it special. So, we have remastered the album and added some hard to find tracks. We even found an unreleased track from the Hail to the King sessions that we think you will enjoy."

The full Diamonds In The Rough tracklisting is as follows:

1. Demons
2. Girl I Know
3. Crossroads
4. Flash Of The Blade (Iron Maiden Cover)
5. Until The End
6. Tension
7. Walk (Pantera Cover)
8. The Fight
9. Dancing Dead
10. Almost Easy (CLA Mix)
11. Afterlife (Alternate Version)

Additional tracks added to new expanded version:

12. St. James (bonus track on Hail To The King limited edition)
13. Set Me Free (unreleased; recorded during the Hail To The King sessions)
14. 4am (B-side on the Welcome to the Family EP)
15. Lost It All (Bonus track on Japanese edition of Nightmare)
16. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)

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