BABYMETAL reveal their favourite lyrics from new album THE OTHER ONE

SU-METAL and MOAMETAL tell Kerrang! about their personal favourite lyrical moments – and their meaning – on BABYMETAL’s upcoming album THE OTHER ONE.

BABYMETAL reveal their favourite lyrics from new album THE OTHER ONE
Emily Carter

We’ve still got over a month to wait until BABYMETAL’s highly-anticipated album THE OTHER ONE, but that hasn’t stopped the duo from spilling the beans about it in the spring issue of Kerrang!.

In our in-depth chat with SU-METAL and MOAMETAL (plus mastermind KOBAMETAL), the pair are quizzed about their favourite lyric, or the most important lyric, on the record. And both have plenty to say on these words, and how they reflect some of the things that the world has gone through over the past few years.

For SU-METAL, it’s a line in the song MONOCHROME: ‘No matter long the night the morning will arrive.’

“It has been a long night for all of us. For us, it was difficult to perform live and even meet people,” she explains. “Some people are still fighting through this difficult situation. But everyone is gradually returning back into their daily lives. I want to encourage people to keep their chin up and have faith that a brighter future will come even if the sky is pitch black.”

Meanwhile, MOAMETAL says her pick is from METAL KINGDOM: “There’s a line, ‘No need to dwell on words that weigh you down and don’t look back on the road you’ve travelled / Live tomorrow at that place where light is present,’” she shares. “It’s my favourite, because I feel like it describes who I am. No matter what people around me may say, I’ve managed to pursue the direction that I believe is right.

“Even if there may be times when we’re feeling down and sad, although it may require courage, for me while I’m dancing, thinking about how we’ve conquered uncharted territories gives me the strength to do anything and everything.

“But actually,” she adds, “this isn’t my favourite song, though!”

THE OTHER ONE is released on March 24 via Cooking Vinyl. BABYMETAL tour the UK with Sabaton from April 14.

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