Bring Me The Horizon And Halsey Officially Tease Collaboration

Who's ready for a Bring Me The Horizon x Halsey collab?

Bring Me The Horizon And Halsey Officially Tease Collaboration

You can never know the truth about Bring Me The Horizon collaboration rumors until they pan out (or don't). The Post Malone one never came to fruition, but there was the song with Grimes that served as an insanely cool crossover track. Now, rumors involving a collaboration with Halsey have been floating around -- but these have actually been confirmed through some Instagram posts by the artists.

Oli Sykes posted a photo of the him with Halsey, confessing that they’ve spent five stressful days on this collaboration:

And Halsey posted a strange video of her in the studio, asking, “Can we do it again?” with Oli’s voice exclaiming, “It sounds so cool.”

“Is it too crazy?” asks Oli. “No, it’s sick,” says Halsey.

This is real next-level teasing. We can't wait to hear the track!

It is no wonder that Halsey would end up working with BMTH. Though she’s known as a pop star, the singer has always had a dark edge, and her role in rock music is endless, whether it be emo, pop punk, or hardcore. Gatekeepers are often skeptical of her, but she’s proved herself on several occasions, including spending a night in the pit at a Brand New gig and losing her earrings in a The Story So Far mosh. Harrumph all you want, but you can't deny she knows what she's in for.

Earlier this year, we reflected on Bring Me The Horizon’s evolution by going through their most iconic music videos. The first, 2007’s Pray For Plagues, barely resembled the band’s latter material, but it was this sheer force of personality, will, and determination that saw them through in the earliest days. Then, there’s Chelsea Smile, where the musical improvement and contrast between the debut Bring Me The Horizon album and its 2009 follow up, Suicide Season, was marked to say the least. That was reflected in the band’s live performances, too, which suddenly became known for being chaotic in a good way.

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