Bring Me The Horizon: We have an idea for the final two Post Human EPs

While the second EP in their Post Human series is still in the works, Bring Me The Horizon tell Kerrang! that they've already got plans for three and four…

Bring Me The Horizon: We have an idea for the final two Post Human EPs
Kerrang! staff
Gobinder Jhitta

As Bring Me The Horizon not only return to the stage but also the cover of Kerrang! this week, we decided to get an update from the band on the status of their planned Post Human EP series – not only the upcoming second release (following Survival Horror), but also number three and four.

"We've got the general keywords of what we want, but whether they end up like that we'll have to wait and see, because they just become what they become," explains frontman Oli Sykes of where they're at. "I know basically what I want the third one to sound like, and the fourth one, but it will be a lot of experimentation until we hit the right the right mood.

"The third one is going to be kind of easier, the fourth one is going to be an interesting challenge, just because of what I want to do with it," he continues cryptically, clearly still working out a proper plan for this incredibly ambitious project.

Detailing how they might all flow, Oli reveals: "It's almost going to be a progression through each record, and then the last one's going to regress. The way they work is actually part of the story of each EP, and the kind of overall message of what these EPs mean is going to be displayed in the sounds, which probably makes no sense when I say it out loud!

"But I've got a plan for them. I'm not gonna say what they are because they might come out completely different and I don't want to disappoint anyone."

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Jordan Fish adds: "Oli's got a theme in his mind, which is more conceptual. And then in my mind, I've kind of got a theme of, more musically, how that will be articulated. So I guess, this is more like the genres that each record will touch on. So this second record [featuring recent single DiE4u], I think I see it as having some more pop elements, which we didn't have on the first record. It's catchy, but it's not really poppy. In places it's like emo, hyperpop, screamo maybe. And I think that's where we would get, like, Bring Me riffs into that record more, even more of a kind of throwback way, like a Funeral For A Friend-type way.

"And then the third record is probably going to be more electronic," Jordan ponders. "But then that doesn't necessarily mean something that somebody who doesn't like heavy music wouldn't like – it's maybe more what I would call a Matrix-y sound, sort of like The Prodigy.

"I have no idea, though. This is all just stuff in my head. It really remains to be seen."

Oooooft! No matter what Bring Me end up doing, we absolutely cannot wait.

Catch Bring Me The Horizon live at the following dates this month:


22 Cardiff Motorpoint Arena
24 Sheffield FlyDSA Arena
25 Birmingham Utilita Arena
26 London The O2 Arena

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