Casey have released a beautiful new single, Selah

Listen to Casey’s new single Selah, ahead of the release of next week’s highly-anticipated album How To Disappear.

Casey have released a beautiful new single, Selah
Emily Carter

Casey have unveiled the final single from their impending third album.

The Welsh post-hardcore crew’s latest effort is entitled Selah – it was given the name by guitarist Liam Torrance, and according to frontman Tom Weaver “fits the song perfectly”.

Selah, Tom explains, “is ‘an expression occurring frequently in the Psalms, thought to be a liturgical or musical direction, probably a direction to raise the voice or perhaps an indication of a pause’.

“I’ve had a turbulent relationship with religion throughout most of my life,” the singer continues. “I’ve always comfortably considered myself an agnostic, but in moments of desperation I’ve definitely sought out reassurance from a being outside of myself.

“My overwhelming feeling towards religion is that at its best it provides a sense of belonging and community; and at its worst it serves to absolve accountability. In moments of crisis, I’ve often posed that question of, ‘If you’re there, why are you doing this to me?’

“Selah articulates that question with examples from my life. Near-death experiences or moments of pain that feel as though they shouldn’t happen beneath the benevolent gaze of something greater.”

The track is taken from Casey’s new album How To Disappear, which is released on January 12 via Hassle. Listen to Selah below:

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