Listen to Puritan, the new track from alt.pop witch Sabrina Kennedy

And there's a London launch show for her Wheel Of The Year EP on May 25!

Listen to Puritan, the new track from alt.pop witch Sabrina Kennedy
Kerrang! Staff
Isla Mathieson

Alt.pop witch Sabrina Kennedy has released the second track from her forthcoming Wheel Of The Year debut EP, and it's all about tapping into the divine feminine power of her persecuted ancestors to make oneself stronger.

Currently living in London, Sabrina originally hails from Boston, Massachusetts. As a kid, she would often visit nearby Salem, home of Converge and, more presciently, the site of America's most famous witch trials and executions in the 1690s. It is, she says, “a place with a very peculiar energy”. It was here that she was turned on to alternative belief systems, paganism and Tarot.

Fittingly, the four tracks on the EP represent a season of the year. Specifically on Puritan, Sabrina explains, “This song is an anthem and answer to my ancestors’ prayers. It is honouring those that came before me who were burnt at the stake and crucified for being powerful and different. It is the sacred rage that has been under the surface for centuries. It is about rising from the ashes and using that power for radical change.”

Wheel Of The Year is released on May 25. On the same day, she plays a special release show at The Grace in London.

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