Crawlers unveil poignant new single, Hang Me Like Jesus

Ahead of their debut mixtape Loud Without Noise, Crawlers have released yet another wonderful new single: Hang Me Like Jesus.

Crawlers unveil poignant new single, Hang Me Like Jesus
Emily Carter
Jess Mead

With two weeks to go until the release of their debut mixtape, Crawlers have shared another powerful new single from the record: Hang Me Like Jesus.

Says singer Holly Minto of the song: “It was originally written about feeling like a burden to my partner when I was ill. After the relationship, I realised that I wasn’t being a burden, I was just trying to recover.

“Hang me like Jesus is obviously a metaphor, how Jesus felt like he was sacrificing himself for the sake of others. Which is what I felt like I did for this relationship. Not comparing myself to Jesus at all, but I really gave my whole self and expected nothing back because I thought I was in love. Hurts man. But hey, fell in love again, didn’t I?”

Crawlers’ debut mixtape Loud Without Noise is due out on November 4.

Listen to Hang Me Like Jesus below:

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