Dave Grohl wants to be his daughter's drummer: "It's one of my life dreams"

With 14-year-old Violet Grohl providing backing vocals on Foo Fighters' new album, her dad Dave has revealed that he'd love to be her drummer one day…

Dave Grohl wants to be his daughter's drummer: "It's one of my life dreams"
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After seemingly accidentally recruiting his 14-year-old daughter Violet to provide backing vocals on Foo Fighters' upcoming album Medicine At Midnight, Dave Grohl has revealed that he'd like to return the favour one day and drum for her.

In a new BBC interview, the rock legend admits that it wasn't planned for Violet to join the band on album number 10, but at the suggestion of producer Greg Kurstin, she ended up singing on the chorus of the song Making A Fire.

"That's Violet's high vocal in there," he points out. "It seemed very natural [but] it didn't seem official until my accountant called a few months ago and asked where she should deposit Violet's cheque.

"And I said, 'What are you talking about?'" Dave continues. "She said, 'Well, she sang on the album so she has to be paid for playing on the record.' And I said, 'You can take that money and give it to me, and I'll put it in an account for Violet that she can open when she's 18 years old!'"

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Unsurprisingly the musician is full of praise for his daughter – a talent that clearly runs in the family.

"She can pick up an instrument and learn it within a week," he says. "She has perfect pitch and sings from her gut. And she's well aware that she's the best vocalist in the Grohl family. To be her drummer is one of my life dreams."

Of course, as well as performing live with Violet last year during Foo Fighters' awesome Roxy livestream, Dave has also brought out his young daughter Harper live: in 2017, the then-eight-year-old joined the Foos onstage in Iceland to play Queen’s We Will Rock You at the Secret Solstice festival.

When asked at the time about any potential passing-of-the-torch moments by Kerrang!, the frontman explained of how he would feel if any of his three daughters followed in his footsteps: "You have to imagine as a kid – as a child of someone that does this for a living – that their perspective might be a little different to most other people. So they know how unglamorous it is, but they also know how incredibly rewarding it can be, too.

“I’m surely not pushing them into the world of music, but they’ve got it in them already – it’s just a matter of deciding if they actually want to do it.”

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