Exclusive: Drew Thomson (Single Mothers) Gets Brutally Earnest In His Solo Band's New Video

Check out the latest video by The Drew Thomson Foundation, the new band by the Single Mothers vocalist.

Exclusive: Drew Thomson (Single Mothers) Gets Brutally Earnest In His Solo Band's New Video
Vanessa Heins

If Single Mothers is a little fast and harsh for you, The Drew Thomson Foundation is here to help. The band, featuring Single Mothers frontman Drew Thomson (now you're getting it), is a more earnest, straight-up indie rock expression of the singer's life and emotional journey. The music is upbeat, though not so moon-faced and carefree as to be entirely sweet or necessarily positive; there's a distinct feeling that some significant downers have inspired this music.

The new video by the Foundation for their single A Little More Time definitely has that mix of hilarity and melancholy to it. On the one hand, the video is just a day in Drew's life, complete with acoustic guitars on park benches and the occasional ice cream (yogurt? Ice cream? Doesn't matter, but we're curious). On the other hand, the shots of Drew playing with flowers being thrown at him or sitting on his couch in a balloon hallucination paint a picture of a guy who's perhaps not off his rocker but definitely dealing with something heavier than playing a jaunty song on a sunny day.

According to director Ryan Brough, "Drew Thomson from the Drew Thomson Foundation shows us his everyday life in the new video for A Little More Time. The video is a day in the life of a man with his cardigan, cats and coffee. The video shows a candid side of Drew and keeps it real and to the point. The video takes place in the city Drew lives in, Hamilton. Follow Drew as he explores the Hammer and shows us his true colours."

Or, in Drew's own words: "We took a few steps in my shoes, watched my life like a bag in the wind trying to stay off the ground, keep the demons at bay for a little more time."

Check out the video for The Drew Thomson Foundation's A Little More Time below:

The Drew Thomson Foundation's new as-of-yet-untitled album drops in the early fall of 2019.

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