Exclusive: Hear Cable Decry The Rats Among Us in Their Sludgy, Hardcore New Single Low Man

Connecticut's hardcore heavyweights Cable return with their first album in 10 years, Take The Stairs To Hell, July 26.

Exclusive: Hear Cable Decry The Rats Among Us in Their Sludgy, Hardcore New Single Low Man

There’s nothing like an anthem about letting go of those who hold you down. And that’s what Connecticut’s sludgy hardcore heavyweights Cable have brought to the table with their new single Low Man, off their first record in 10 years, Take The Stairs To Hell. It’s a driving, headbangable, riffy-yet-concise track that efficiently uses just three minutes to paint a picture of the uselessness of wasting time on those who suck out your good energy, yet give you nothing in return. “I’ve been chasing rats through walls,” the lyrics cry in exasperation.

Bassist Randy Larsen shares with Kerrang!, “Low Man was one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I had actually played it and worked it out with a few different drummers before I got into the studio with Alex Garcia-Rivera to record the final track that would appear on TTSTH. Alex had some good ideas and the final arrangement slightly changed compared to the early demos I had made. Alex also had some great ideas for guitar overdubs that I think really made the song complete.

Low Man is about tying yourself to someone that just drags you down. Being held back by people’s laziness and lack of creativity. You can’t run through a brick wall so at some point you just have to stop trying and blow it up. We are all only allowed so much time on this planet so if someone is in your way or holding you back remove them from your life and stop ‘chasing rats through walls.’”

Hear the track right here:

Preorders for Take The Stairs To Hell are available now through Translation Loss Records.

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