Exclusive: Necrosexual's New Track Gets Buck Nasty On Your Grave

On his latest paeon to getting smashed by Satan, the Philadelphia provocateur provacataps that ass at a funeral.

Exclusive: Necrosexual's New Track Gets Buck Nasty On Your Grave
Chris Koontz

If black metal is a grim celebration of darkness and death, then the Necrosexual is the guy who brought the tequila. Hailing from the ghost-haunted woods of darkest Pennsylvania, the Philly-based old-school black metal god plays gnarly, chaotic tunes that channel classic bands like Venom, classic Kreator, and more modern Darkthrone. What sets the Necrosexual apart from his peers is his tendency to be a freak in the sheets and how unafraid he is to throw on a neon-striped tank top to go with his corpsepaint. In that way, he walks the perfect line between Satan and sleaze, hailing a blumpkin in the northern sky.

Case in point, his latest track, Orgy At Your Burial, goes hard in both the total degeneracy and the noisy cacophony. The song is a loud, serpentine offering that hails back to a time before black metal became another polished, easily-mimicked aspect of heavy metal at large. Simultaneously, it hails the erotic horrors of having one's funeral turned into a nightmarish fuckfest.

We took a moment to speak to the Necrosexual about his motivations, his inspirations, and what makes for a good Tom Araya scream.

Tell me about the events that inspired Orgy On Your Burial.

Orgy On Your Burial is an Edgar Allen Poe-inspired erotic tale. A supreme act of vengeance and hedonism. Bury your arch nemesis, and fornicate en mass where they lie. If you don't have a twisted revenge fantasy you've thought of at least once, I say you're either a liar or a true psychopath. I intend to horrify and arouse the listener with this song, and all my Necrosexual show tunes in general.

In your experience, should one have sex with a corpse before, after, or during a satanic ritual?

Do whatever the hell gives you a proper heavy metal hard on. But first, be sure to get a hard "yes" on the old Ouija board before you dive in for post mortal penetration. Be a gentleman and a pervert.

Your music balances between super cult and filthy fun. Is it hard to strike that sweet spot between grim and sleazy?

I'm the most electrifying man in corpse entertainment. So, my sonic assault needs to cover a spectrum of brutality. My riffs will pulverize you. My lyrics will seduce you. My arrogance will anger you. Whatever you feel, it's to all to amuse you. It's easy for me to strike that grim n' sleazy sweet spot because music is an amplification of who I am. I love gnarly, riff-obsessed thrash metal. Evil black metal filth. I also love the over-the-top rock n roll attitude of the eighties, and it pairs well with my dark sense of humor.

Above: The Necrosexual and his band. Photo by Steel Womb Photography.

Are the high-pitched early Tom Araya screams difficult? What advice can you give to a guttural death metal vocalist looking to work those in?

I'm not a trained vocalist, but the key is to stay relaxed, and have fun. Use that breath support and don't strain. Especially in live performances, because I hit those notes in concert, too. I want to hit that falsetto until I'm in my seventies, and physically cannot anymore. Tom Araya is a fitting comparison because, TRVE story, the first time I heard Angel Of Death I was 14. It practically kickstarted my heavy metal puberty into the Necrosexual I am today. Tom's scream specifically, hit like an atom bomb in the center of my mind. I'm sure there's a subconscious influence, and definitely a conscious influence too when it comes to writing riffs. My own Necrofalsetto has evolved into its own beast over the years. You can trace its progression if you watch my interview from five or six years ago.

How has Necrosexual's sound evolved between this album and Grim-1?

We aimed to be more raw, and also more generous. Orgy On Your Burial in particular is a savage beating of thrash riffs and barbarian blast beats. People might see me and say, "This guy's a joke," but I'm not fooling when it comes to shredding fretboards. This new song is also the first studio recording to feature Ryan Dred Rot on drums. Ryan has delivered the goods as a live drummer for the last two years, so I wanted to capture our special kind of chaos. The remaining tracks on The Glory Hole Overture In F# were recorded with my bandmates Anthony Gabriele and Mike Churry live in the studio, to showcase our cohesion in a concerto setting. It's tight, but also leaves room for grim little accidents to occur.

I'm in Philadelphia and looking to get drunk, listen to metal, and wreak havoc. Where do I go?

My spiritual lair is at Franky Bradley's in the Gayborhood. That place is my kind of freaks. The interior is decorated by Scott R. Johnston, who illustrated my GRIM-1 album cover. It's got this really charming cocaine and glitter trash-stetic on the inside, plus a lot of Scott's paintings on the walls. It's kind of like if David Bowie had his own version of the bar from Cheers. It's where everybody knows your name, and they're usually naked and covered in rhinestones. I've held several Necrosexual concertos at Franky Bradley's. It's one of the best sounding mid-sized clubs in the Philadelphia. For artists by artists, for life!

Listen to Orgy On Your Burial below:

Behold the slimy grotesquery of the cover art for Necrosexual's The Glory Hole Overture In F#:

Necrosexual's The Glory Hole Overture In F# drops Friday, May 17th, and is available for preorder. To keep up with the erotic travails of the Necrosexual, follow him on Twitter.

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