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Five movies and TV shows to watch this weekend while never forgetting the importance of suncream

From space adventures to all the grim stuff on the internet, here’s everything you should watch this weekend while avoiding the weather…

Five movies and TV shows to watch this weekend while never forgetting the importance of suncream
Kerrang! staff

There’s nothing fun about applying suncream – it’s boring at best, and can leave you feeling like a greasy, sticky, white-streaked mess. However, to use the proper meteorological term, it’s as hot as fucking balls out there, so you need to slap that shit on. Beer gardens, beaches, festivals and unplanned outdoor adventures will all still be there 90 seconds of careful application later, you know? Or you can always wait the hot weather out by popping the idiot box on for a bit…

Paramount+Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Set a decade before the original 1960s show, Strange New Worlds is a cheerful, upbeat, almost old-fashioned adventure-of-the-week incarnation of Star Trek, following Captain Christopher Pike and the crew of the USS Enterprise as they explore the galaxy. Featuring a great cast of mostly unknowns, it’s a good old time, every episode 45 minutes of space-based derring-do and big chunky foreheads.

Available now on Paramount+.

NetflixWeb Of Make Believe: Death, Lies And The Internet

This six-part documentary looks, essentially, at how the most powerful communication tool of all time has let some real shitheads do some really shitty things. Election interference, SWATting and the disgusting ride of white supremacy are among the unsavoury topics examined – it’s not the cheeriest of watches, but it’s important to know how the same tool that helps us with everything and brings so much cool shit is used for bastardry.

Available now on Netflix.


Romesh Ranganathan, one of the hardest-working people in British comedy for the last few years, co-creates and stars in this sitcom following Jonathan, a people-pleaser largely incapable of engaging with the world in any meaningful way, struggling to change in the aftermath of his marriage falling apart. Can he stop falling through life and face his problems and responsibilities? This doesn’t make it sound very funny, but it is, honest!

Available now on iPlayer.


Not a solo outing for Buzz from Toy Story, as one might reasonably have expected, this is instead – within the Toy Story universe – the movie that inspired Andy’s new toy. It’s a big rollicking space adventure following the title character (voiced by Chris Evans in this incarnation rather than Tim Allen) attempting to return home after being marooned in space, and possibly saving the universe as he does so. Sadly there’s no cameo from the great early-2000s ska band of the same name. Missed opportunity, Hollywood.

In cinemas now.


Extraordinarily made, and based on a true story, Sherwood follows a community rocked to its core following a grisly murder that seems to be based on historical grudges stemming from the miners’ strike. Sporting a fantastic cast of some of Britain’s greatest actors and alternating between slow-burning intensity and explosive fury, a lot of the people involved in this should clear some space on their shelves come awards season.

Available now on iPlayer.

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