Hatebreed Are In The Studio Right Now, New Album Scheduled For Spring 2020

Recent Instagram posts prove that Hatebreed are working on their new album as we speak.

Hatebreed Are In The Studio Right Now, New Album Scheduled For Spring 2020

Only earlier this year, hardcore groundbreakers Hatebreed were celebrating their 25th year as a band with a massive anniversary tour. Now it appears that the band has plans to make year 26 all the more exciting, as new Instagram posts show them in the studio recording their new album as we speak, and claim that the new album will be out early next year.

Earlier this week, Hatebreed posted images and footage of them in the studio. Under the picture of drummer Matt Byrne at the kit, the band included the caption, "Another productive @matthewpeterbyrne day laying down fast beats & breakdowns galore. #Hatebreed2020 new album dropping in the Spring on @nuclearblasteurope @nuclearblastusa ! #Hatebreed"

If the captions on the posts are to be believed, Hatebreed's new album will drop in the Spring of 2020 via Nuclear Blast.

Just because Hatebreed didn't put out an album in 2019 doesn't mean it wasn't a crazy year for some of the band. Frontman Jamey Jasta took a hit in the court of public opinion when he called out CHVRCHES for being listed higher than Gojira on the flyer for Deftones' Dia De Lost Deftones festival.

“Who is churches with a v and why the fuck are they playing over Gojira get tha fuuuuuck outtta here,” tweeted Jamey at the time. “Have you ever heard The Heaviest Matter In The Universe you’re gonna get embarrassed off the stage lol no offense. God the music industry suckkkkks sometimes.”

Not only did much of the rock world defend CHVRCHES in the matter, but Gojira themselves also sent the band a care package. “I thought it was really cool because it just showed that kind of thinking in the metal community isn’t stood for any more,” vocalist Lauren Mayberry said of the good response from the rock community at large. “And Gojira actually sent us a merch package so we got a crap tonne of Gojira t-shirts. That was really nice. It reflects the community and informs the community.”

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