Hear Rage Against The Machine's Zack de la Rocha Guest On A New Run The Jewels Song

Listen to Run The Jewels' JU$T, featuring Pharrell Williams and Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha.

Hear Rage Against The Machine's Zack de la Rocha Guest On A New Run The Jewels Song

Not only did Run The Jewels promise to release their new album RTJ4 for free following the death of George Floyd, the hip-hop duo have also just dropped the record early, ahead of its planned release this Friday.

“Fuck it, why wait,” they said. “The world is infested with bullshit so here’s something raw to listen to while you deal with it all. We hope it brings you some joy. Stay safe and hopeful out there.”

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This means that fans now get to hear a new Zack de la Rocha guest spot, with the Rage Against The Machine frontman appearing alongside Pharrell Williams on JU$T. And while it's not the first time that Zack has teamed up with Killer Mike and El-P – having previously featured on Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) on RTJ2 – it's nevertheless incredibly exciting and refreshing to hear his voice once again.

Listen to JU$T right here:

And read the lyrics to Zack and Pharrell's verse below:

2020, run the map
Raw, uncut, yeah, my hourglass
Don't watch it spill to the bottom half
You see the piece, now run it fast
On the tarmac, in a starter jack
C4 when I run it back
Like a track star, run a record lap?
Nah, like when his needle catch (Yeah)
Clean look, poet pugilist
A shooter's view, a Zapruder flick (Yeah)
Too rude for ya rudiments
Who convinced you you could move against the crew?
In this, comin' up through the fence
Off shore outta Port-au-Prince (Yeah)
Overture left his fingerprints
On our hearts at the gate and the world our residence
How can we be the peace
When the beast gonna reach for the worst? (Yeah)
Tear all the flesh off the Earth
Stage set for a deafening reckoning
Quick like the pace of a verse
So I'm questioning this quest for things
As a recipe for early death threatening (Yeah)
But the breath in me is weaponry
For you, it's just money

Stream RTJ4 in full – which also features a song including Queens Of The Stone Age's Josh Homme titled pulling the pin – below. Alternatively you can download here and pay what you want, with all proceeds going to the Mass Defence Program.

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