Here's A Photo Of Ghost's Tobias Forge In Full Corpse Paint At Age 15

This recently-unearthed photo of Ghost's Tobias Forge at 15 proves that the dude has always been in league with Satan.

Here's A Photo Of Ghost's Tobias Forge In Full Corpse Paint At Age 15
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Given how huge Ghost have become in the past five years, it's easy to understand why some fans assume frontman Tobias Forge simply found a winning formula of sound and theatrics and exploded fresh onto the scene. But as is often the case, Tobias worked hard to get where he is, and was a member of several bands before he started Ghost (including Repugnant, who absolutely slay). For proof of Tobias' steady descent into hell, one only needs to look at this photo of the frontman in full black metal corpse paint at the tender age of 15.

As reported by MetalSucks, the photo surfaced when posted to the Ghost fan Facebook page School Of Ghoul. The shot comes from a 1996 copy of a zine titled Scriptures Of Malignancy, who interviewed Forge about his band Superior. At the time, the musician was listed as -- get ready -- Don Juan Leviathan.

"Forge was interviewed by the zine and from reading this we learned that he was in a band called Absurdum in 1994 aged just 14," says the caption of the post.

"Tobias played in a series of bands in 1995 which he refers to as 'unserious shitbands' and in August 1995 he decided to change the name of Absurdum to Superior.

"There were two Superior demos called "Metamorphis" (1996) and "Illustrare ad Infernali" (1997) It's now come to light that there was an earlier demo recorded for Superior in 1995 called "Anno Dracule (Dark Wampyrious Consipracy)" but it was never released. Seriously, that's the name of it! 😂

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"He also played a few rehearsals with a black metal band called Malign. This band released a demo tape in 1996, called Livextirpation, but Forge wasn't on this tape or ever recorded any tracks with Malign as his time in the band was short lived and he was never an official member."

Here's Tobias Forge, age 15, as Don Juan Leviathan:

Kvlt as fvkk.

Check out the full Facebook post below:

If any haters are hoping this revelation will somehow embarrass Tobias, welp, they're shit out of luck. The vocalist has been totally open about being just a fervent metalhead and an everyday guy behind the mask, going so far as to let the world know how much he loves celebrating Christmas.

“I have two kids, and they were born on Christmas Eve, so Christmas is a big thing in our house,” explained the grand satanic inquisitor. “We’re not religious, but we do it really full-on. I actually really love Christmas. It’s very cosy, which is nice. I feel like I’ve earned it this year, too. We always have the TV blasting classic movies like Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments around Christmas time.”

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