How Will Game Of Thrones End? Rock Stars Give Their Predictions

Game Of Thrones is about to reach its conclusion, but who will sit on the Iron Throne? We ask rock's biggest fans!

How Will Game Of Thrones End? Rock Stars Give Their Predictions

Here we are. After eight seasons, countless deaths, three dragons, a battle with the dead, and then the fiery destruction of an entire city, we are at the climax of Game Of Thrones. Nobody could have foreseen this at the start of the series back in 2011. Remember good ol' Ned Stark? That feels like a millennia ago.

But who will win the game of thrones? Will Daenerys make it? Will Jon Snow decide to take his Targaryen name? Will Bran somehow murder everyone with his mind? We just don't know. But we asked rock and metal's biggest GOT fans to predict how the series will end. One thing is for certain, there will be blood...

Please note: Some of these predictions before episode five (The Bells) so they're probably, most likely, definitely wrong.

Caleb Shomo (Beartooth)
"I think Arya’s obviously gonna try and kill Daenerys, and I don’t know if it’s gonna happen. My general prediction is everyone is gonna fucking die. Literally everybody’s gonna get killed. Daenerys just cracked and I don’t think there’s gonna be a way to stop her. Everybody dies, she gets the throne, and it’s very bleak."

Kaan Tasan (Heart Of A Coward)
"After what happened in the battle of King's Landing, Jon will have lost all faith in Daenerys. I think he'll most likely kill the dragon and leave her in the ruins of King's Landing with no one to rule, as she's killed everyone else and become everything she didn't want to be."

Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation)
"We still have to watch episode five! At this point we think that Daenerys dies in a battle with Cersei Lannister. Jon Snow will not be on the Iron Throne, that would be too obvious. But who will then? We will let Jon Snow die together with Cersei in battle, where he avenges Daenerys’ death. So basically everyone dies and Arya will end up reigning together with her right hand The Hound and Tyrion as her advisers."

Tim McIlrath (Rise Against)
"The one thing I feel Game Of Thrones is really good at is setting you up to fall in love with a character and then, once you fall in love, they erase that character. So, going into the season I was like ‘They’ve made us fall in love with Jon Snow and Daenerys,’ right? And I am up to speed. I feel like we still love Jon Snow and those writers are going to fuck us – there’s no way they’re going to take our favourite character and make him king. The only thing I think they can do is take who were our two favourite characters from two weeks ago and make them fight each other. I don’t know who will survive that. Who do I think will end up ruling? Sansa and Tyrion."

The Pale White
"We think there’s only one road for Daenerys after her mad one in the last episode: she’ll be killed reluctantly by Jon, or possibly even Ayra who never got to tick Cersei off her kill list. As for the throne itself, is there even anything left to sit on?! We’re hoping Tyrion’s betrayal doesn’t get caught up in the wrath of the Mad Queen before she’s stopped."

Bastian Thusgaard (Soilwork)
"It is Game Of Thrones, so you never know what’s going to happen. One play could be that Arya turns on Daenerys after experiencing her horrors first-hand, and losing the opportunity to kill Cersei. I think it is safe to assume that the Stark children cannot accept the rule of the Dragon Queen after the turnout at King's Landing, so I think they will try to get rid of her. I have an idea that Sansa will play an important role in this, but we’ll all know soon."

Mark Jansen (Epica)
"In Game Of Thrones we should always expect the unexpected, so that’s the only certainty I have. Cersei might still be alive. Daenerys starts behaving like her father and won’t be queen, I think. Gendry Baratheon could even end up being king as Jon Snow has shown some weakness lately."

"We were hoping for a buddy cop ending with The Hound and Arya: the former, seriously wounded, tells Arya 'I'm getting too old for this shit.' But those dreams were dashed, much like Qyburn's brains, with the very awesome Cleganebowl. As satisfying as that scene was, The Hound was a favourite for all of us, so however they choose to end the show will be a little bit less awesome without him. Given the events of the last few episodes, we think it's safe to assume that no matter who winds up on the Iron Throne – though, for what it's worth, we're all pulling for Drogon – the message will be the same: power corrupts even the purest of hearts. And death comes for everyone, especially the assholes of the world."

Santerio Kallio (Amorphis)
"I truly wish for anything other than a Disney ending. A happy ending would be insane after all the fun that’s happened during all the previous seasons. It’s quite difficult to see Sansa, Tyrion or Arya surviving until the last moment. And of course there will be some big shocking surprise in the very end. So my guess is that there will be a last woman standing: either Sansa or Arya. Jon 'Doe' can go already – I think everybody agree on that – also the lizard lady, and the cunt. Let’s just hope for the worst case scenario. Yay!"

Aaron Pauley (Of Mice & Men)
"It'll end with Daenerys becoming the Mad Queen and Jon Snow killing her."

Tobias Young (Our Hollow, Our Home)
"Daenerys will take King's Landing, with Jaime killing Cersei, but probably dying in the process – maybe mortally wounded in a fight with The Mountain, before The Hound finally has his vengeance and kills his zombified brother. During the battle a second dragon, or dragons, will show up – maybe from when Drogon disappeared in an early season – or maybe Asha Yara will turn up with the missing war elephants to save the day as Daenerys' and Jon's forces are out-matched by the prepared positions defending The Red Keep and The Golden Company. Daenerys will then punish the people of King's Landing as recompense for fighting for Cersei, forcing Jon, under the guidance of Tyrion, to kill her to stop innocent people being slaughtered. Sansa will rule The North. Jon, I think, has been set up to rule The Seven Kingdoms but that all feels too obvious, so I think the Iron Throne may be destroyed... or some super mega twist will happen. It's likely, let's be honest!"

Elijah Witt (Cane Hill)
"I’ve spent so long going over theories with everyone I know, and the only conclusion I can come to is I have no idea what the fuck is happening. Jaime is gonna either kill or fuck his sister, Brienne is acting like a wimp – I hope she actually kills Cersei – and Daenerys is doing exactly what I called in season one, becoming a mad queen. One hundred per cent Bran is The Night King and everyone dies."

Kevin Keane (Fangclub)
"My money is on Sansa Stark sitting on the Iron throne at the end with Tyrion as her Hand Of The Queen. The entire series, she has been learning from the 'smartest' people in Westeros and has become a stronger person, in spite of all the horrible things she’s endured. She’s the only one making logical decisions anymore and her character arc is one of the best in the entire series. She’d make the best ruler. The Mountain and The Hound will have the greatest fight of all time since the main event of WrestleMania 17, that the Mountain will win, but Arya will kill The Mountain, striking him off her list. Jon and Dany will end up killing each other somehow and Jaime will kill Cersei. The things we do for love... Full circle, baby!"

Matt Bigland, (Dinosaur Pile-Up)
So, strap yourselves in. Jaime’s gonna Stone Cold Steve Austin kill Cersei dead. Ice cold motherfucker. Sansa will kill Daenerys, which means Jon can be the rightful king or whatever. He’ll full-on hate that at first, and be all sad puppy dog eyes, but then he'll realise that she was a fucking psycho all along anyway. Plus, maybe he’ll keep her dragon? I hope so. Arya will turn out to be someone else entirely, I dunno, like maybe the Waif? Or in a complete curveball, she's actually Ted Danson! Who knew?! Weird Bran’s actually the Night King one hundred per cent, and if The Hound doesn’t fucking ruin The Mountain I’m gonna trash my fucking flat."

Jørn Kaarstad (Bokassa)
"After seeing that Daenerys is in fact completely mad, Arya Stark and Tyrion will plot to assassinate her, and Jon will reluctantly take the throne and rule fair. Either that or Daenerys just kills everyone!"

Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian)
"According to some insider information… I suppose it is going to be Bran who will be sitting on the throne at the very end. Strange enough."

Marcus Siepen (Blind Guardian)
"The title A Song Of Ice And Fire obviously hints at Jon Snow and Daenerys, but wouldn't that be too obvious for them to both take the throne? I will go with my favourite character, Tyrion Lannister. He deserves the throne."

Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)
"Arya is going to kill Daenerys. Sansa will be Queen Of The North. Jon will denounce his loyalty and become The King because it’s the right thing to do. Tyrion will be the new Hand. Arya will be Protector Of The Realm."

Mark Menghi (Metal Allegiance)
"I believe Arya Stark has two more names on her list. Number one, Cersei Lannister. And number two, newly added – but not known yet – Daenerys Targaryen! Once her brother Bran told her and her sister Sansa about who Jon really is; I am convinced that Arya will go through all means necessary to take out Daenerys, even though Jon loves her. I also believe since Sansa cannot keep her mouth shut, and told Tyrion out of all freaking people, and now that Tyrion told Varys, a holy war is going to break out between the Starks and Targaryens. Having said all that, I believe neither Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister nor Daenerys Targaryen will be sitting on the Iron Throne in the end. I think the show will be left open for interpretation and later revealed once the Game Of Thrones spin-off shows come later down the line."

Antonio Angotti (Tax The Heat)
"My prediction is that Daenerys will ultimately follow in the footsteps of her mad father and go on a dragon rampage in King's Landing. I feel like Jaime Lannister would turn up in time to kill her, saving Cersei, which would leave it wide open for a Stark versus Lannister battle for the throne. Gandalf will then arrive on horseback with Ron and Hermione, while Bran wargs himself off on a gap year to Peru in order to find himself. In the end, they all go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for it all to blow over."

Alex Veale (Tax The Heat)
"I'm predicting Daenerys' jealousy of Jon, and her goal of the crown, will mean she'll at some point kill him or allow him to die. Sansa will then retaliate against Daenerys. Cersei will lose her throne and die but kill Jaime before all of that... and Bran will get laid. I don't believe that last bit."

Dan Olds (Palm Reader)
"Daenerys has now gone the same way as her father and there will be no going back from that. I hope Tyrion will end her in some way, giving him the new title of Queen Slayer, and that Jon Snow takes the Iron Throne."

Jason Fletcher (Birthmarks)
"My predictions are the invasion of King's Landing will begin and Daenerys will go in with dragonfire against her council's advice. Arya will assassinate Cersei and kill Daenerys, but with Cersei’s face, with the idea of Jon taking the throne being the rightful heir. Jaime will end up killing the disguised Arya and himself with poison because there is no way he’s killing Arya in combat. Jon will sit on the Iron Throne, but he and Tyrion will eventually find out that everything has been engineered by Varys. Tyrion will then order the assassination of Varys and become the Hand Of The King. In the battle, Euron will be outmanoeuvred by a fleet lead by Yara Greyjoy and Davos Seaworth, and Bronn will sacrifice himself for the Lannister brothers. The Hound and The Mountain will fight!"

Scott Middleton (Cancer Bats)
"I think what’s gonna happen is that Grey Worm will kill the Mountain for executing Missandei. Ser Brienne will definitely kill Jaime Lannister for his betrayal and the one night stand. Jon Snow after battle will be captured and executed exactly like Ned Stark by Cersei, and then Daenerys will have herself and her dragon recklessly killed as a result of blind rage. Euron will kill Cersei for lying about the baby and then Bronn will kill him, so Tyrion can assume the throne and marry Sansa to rule The Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion will also repay Bronn with the land he promised him because a Lannister always pays his debts. Arya and The Hound will be iconic assassin duo, for the new comedic spinoff series."

Jaye R. Schwarzer (Cancer Bats)
"There is obviously going to be another huge battle! Another dragon probably dies. The Hound will have an epic battle with his brother The Mountain, where he wins, but is mortally wounded in the process. Arya probably helps him somehow, because duh... Ser Brienne Of Tarth will probably do a lot of shouting and a lot of killing! Finally Jon Snow, The Starks, Daenerys, Jamie Lannister, Tyrion etc. will all get a literal stab at Cersei, killing her in highly dramatic fashion, much like the death of Julius Caesar. However, as it was when The Night King was killed and all of the dead died again, all of humankind is snuffed out with the death of Cersei. So, the final episode will just be one-and-a-half hours of the Christmas Yule Log being aired. At least until the last 30 seconds, when the camera pans away from the fireplace and we see Arya, sat by the fire, staying warm."

Oskar Logi (The Vintage Caravan)
I think Jon Snow realises how dangerous Daenerys Targaryen is, and when she sentences Tyrion Lannister to death for betrayal, Jon will kill Daenerys. Let’s also say that Arya will slay the dragon but will die doing so. Jon will end on the Iron Throne, if it still exists, and will take up his real name, Aegon Targaryen. I believe Tyrion will be his advisor. Oh and Bran Stark will become a rapper/pimp."

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