Jonathan Davis: Korn's New Album Is "A Very Dark Record"

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis reveals the dark emotions behind The Nothing

Jonathan Davis: Korn's New Album Is "A Very Dark Record"

Jonathan Davis has revealed details about the darkness of the new Korn record.

Speaking exclusively to Kerrang! as part of our In Conversation series, the Korn frontman discussed with Editor Sam Coare some of the broader themes behind their upcoming 13th album The Nothing.

"It’s a very dark record, it’s basically all the stuff that happened to me last year, it’s very emotional for me, but it is what it is," said Jonathan, whose wife Deven passed away last year. "I can’t wait for people to hear it, I really spent a long time on doing what I wanted to do this time.

"Producers came in, people tried to get me to do things one way or the other way, everybody was overthinking lots of things, but I finally just said I was fed up with it, kicked everyone out and said it’ll be done when its done," he continued, speaking about the recording process. "I locked myself in my studio and spent a lot of time reflecting and healing and making my art. A couple of months later I came out and it’s done and I just can’t wait for you to hear it.

"The whole record is about basically the same thing, all the songs are about this dark energy that’s followed me around, and with all the things going on last year, it’s me embracing it… trying to navigate myself through the chaos that was going on at the time."

The rest of the band started writing what would become The Nothing while Jonathan was away touring his Black Labyrinth record last year, and when JD finally entered the studio he decided to implement some experimental and expansive techniques, including using over 20 different vocal tracks for choruses.

"This time I wanted to do something special. I was going through a lot, I wanted to take my time and do something I’d be proud of," Jonathan told Kerrang!. "This really was the first time in a long time I had time to do it and not be worrying about stuff going on at home – I could actually focus on my art. I just went for it and didn’t know what was gonna happen, but I’m really glad with the outcome."

Throughout the 30-minute conversation, which you watch below, Jonathan discusses the history of Korn, nu-metal, his entry into music and his love of videogames.

Korn's new album The Nothing is out September 13 via Roadrunner Records. Pre-order your copy now.

Listen to brand new track You'll Never Find Me, taken from the upcoming record.

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