Lamb Of God's Mark Morton: We Can Create An Inclusive Society

If we all focus on our similarities, says Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton, it can help eradicate the world’s political divides…

Lamb Of God's Mark Morton: We Can Create An Inclusive Society
Mark Morton, speaking to Dan Slessor
Travis Shinn

I feel like lately there seems to be a lot of divisiveness, and people are sort of compartmentalising everything by personal differences, ideological differences, and differences in identity. Some of those things are to be celebrated, but I think as human beings we really all have more in common than we have things that separate us. In my travels and in my experiences I’ve found most people generally want the same basic things, and I feel like there’s room for us to be more in touch with our similarities. That can lead to a more compassionate mind-set

Politically in the United States – and I think it’s probably safe to say that it’s the same in the UK, too – people seem to be drawing lines and building literal and figurative walls, and that builds a very divisive atmosphere and creates conflict. I think the polarised political climate is both a symptom and cause of this; I think it’s a cycle and a snowball effect, and I think the media plays a huge part in the divisiveness we’re seeing right now. Now, of course we’re going to have differences, and again, we’re not always the same and it’s great to celebrate our diversity. I think it’s great that people come from different cultures and have had different experiences, have different opinions and different insights. That’s something to be cherished. But, that said, I don’t always agree with someone’s take on something, and I’m going to say as much. But I think even when we have differences of opinion there are ways to respect someone else’s opinion and their right to have it, and work on making a more inclusive society.

Finding that common ground is not a permanent state of being. It’s something you have to practice. I’m not always great at it, but for my part I try to understand that if, for example, someone is being angry or aggressive, they’re coming from a place of fear or pain, and they’re usually hurting. I try to make a point of seeing them from a more compassionate overview. In trying to be more understanding of people in general, I’ve found that when I’m successful in doing that it brings me a level of peace and a level of calm in my existence.

Lamb Of God's new self-titled album will be released on May 8 via Nuclear Blast.

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